Jaros: Vote ‘yes’ on Issue 13 for PCDL


A public library is the single most important asset to any city. In Preble County, we are lucky enough to have a library in every incorporated municipality. In many of these communities, the library is the only public place for children, teens, and adults to access the (high speed) internet, access a neutral space for studying, and do research.

This November, every voter in Preble County has the chance to support public libraries. I can’t say for certain where I’d be right now were it not for public libraries throughout my childhood and into my adult life. I didn’t have access to high speed internet until I was in the sixth grade, so many of my evenings were spent at the library using this vital service for schoolwork. I know, without a doubt, I’d be worse off without my library. Therefore, Issue 13 is very important to me.

If you agree, vote yes on Issue 13, a replacement of Preble County District Library’s one-mill levy, which funds libraries in Camden, Eaton, Eldorado, New Paris, West Alexandria, West Elkton, West Manchester, and the Preble County Genealogy Room in Eaton. This levy proposes a valuation of property values at current values versus previous years’ values and will cost $35 per year for a home valued at $100,000.

I hope everyone who shares my sentiment on libraries gets out to vote yes on Issue 13 on Nov. 5.

Clayton Jaros

West Alexandria