Writer: ‘Without the Preble County District Library there would be a void’


The Preble County District Library has been an integral part of the lives of our family for nearly 50 years. It all began with Story Hour. Books were read, projects were completed and new friends were made. The children were stimulated and looked forward to going to the library each week. As time progressed, books were checked out, computers were used, and specific information was located. The library became a “habit” that has continued to aid my family through the years.

Over the years, we have enjoyed reading many books and using the library as a resource tool while tracing our roots. Without the Preble County District Library there would be a void in the lives of our family as well as other households who frequently use the available resources. Therefore, I am asking for your support of Issue 13, the 1 mill replacement levy, which will ensure the continuation of our much appreciated Preble County District Library.

Sandra L. McGuire