Complaint filed regarding trailer park sewage


I lodged a complaint with the Ohio Manufactured Home Program in December concerning sewage problems with the trailer park in Glenwood.

On Jan. 6, 2020, an inspector from the Ohio Construction Industry Licensing Board Manufactured Home Community Inspected the mobile home property. Mr Whitaker’s report states,” There is raw sewage that is running on top of the ground from septic tank to the northeast corner of the community. It appears that some sort of failure with the underground leaching or sewage lines.”

Documents from the Preble County Health Department and the Ohio EPA show that’s there is no septic tank or leach system at the trailer park. There’s a 1,500 gallon holding tank that has 3,200 gallons of sewage flowing into a day.

I took copies of this report and copies of the Preble County public health nuisance complaint and delivered them to the Health Department and the Preble County prosecutors office on Jan. 15.

I don’t expect any actions from these bureaucrats now because they been aware of this problem since Nov. 9, 2009, and haven’t done a thing to stop the daily flow of sewage into our ditches and streams.

Preble County’s version of Moses, County Engineer Kyle Cross, shows up at the Jan. 8, 2020 meeting, and implies that he can part the sewage sea in Glenwood and get funding to break ground on Sewer District 6 in 2021. Where have Kyle Cross and the Preble County Health Department been since 2009? Everyone is running around trying to find a solution, but ignores the problem.

The prosecutor’s office and the Preble County Health Department share blame and liability in the creation of this public health crisis and they’re turning a blind eye to it and refuse to do their jobs. If the commissioners are serious about fixing sanitation issues in the county, they have to find ways to replace the prosecutor and the feckless leadership at the Health Department.

Jerry Wick

West Alexandria