Clippinger supporting Vonderhaar


I support Rachael Vonderhaar for Preble County Commissioner. Our county’s citizens deserve to have commissioners who represent Christian values in their decision-making. Some claim to be a Christian through their words, but I see Mrs. Vonderhaar’s Christianity through her actions.

Rachael Vonderhaar shows her faith by giving of her time and her talents. She serves on various committees in our county where she protects our citizens from special interest groups. She assists the youth of our county through her support of 4H and the Jr. Fair sale. She travels America promoting agriculture, our county’s most important industry. She does these things with a giving heart to better the lives of Preble County’s citizens.

Working with her through the Concerned Citizens of Preble County, I have seen Mrs. Vonderhaar make decisions based, not on what is best for her, but on what is best for the community. Her morals and her faith compel her to put others first. Her decisions as commissioner will reflect what is best for the majority of our citizens, not for her or a select few.

Our organization has had its share of victories and defeats. When we face disappointment, Mrs. Vonderhaar encourages our members to stay faithful. When we have success, she reminds us God answered our prayers. She is a strong Christian leader for our group, and she will be a strong Christian leader for our county.

I encourage everyone to vote for Rachael Vonderhaar. She will bring her Christian faith to the Commissioners’ Office, and she will prayerfully consider every decision she makes. She is the person our county deserves to have in that position. Please support Mrs. Vonderhaar.

Joanna Clippinger