Thomas encouraging support for Schneider, Dishman


In November, we have an opportunity to select two candidates for the Gratis Township Trustee position. We have two men, both retired, that are running for this position. Both men are willing to assist the township’s two employees. We are in desperate need for assistance in mowing the four cemeteries that are in Gratis and West Elkton. They both are willing to help whenever the employees need assistance.

These two men are James Schneider and Wally Dishman Sr.

My husband resigned in August 2015. He was always assisting in keeping the cemeteries immaculately mowed. Since then, the employees are not getting help from the three current trustees. If you want our cemeteries to be immaculate again you need to vote for James Schneider and Wally Dishman Sr.

Kathy Lewis is also running and she has a legal background that can assist in seeing that all activities of the trustees follow the rule of law.

Please vote and support these qualified candidates.

Judy Thomas