Wick alleges lack of transparency regarding SD6

Dear Editor,

After the consent agreement revote on Sept. 30 concerning Sewer District 6, Commissioner Creech posted on his Facebook page his explanation for changing his vote.

Commissioner Creech stated he likes to be open and transparent. The Commissioners have had countless executive sessions meetings concerning Sewer District 6. Using public records request, I’ve got copies of dozens of emails where Commissioner Day had many lunch meetings and conference calls with CDM Smith and grant money people, and Commissioner Creech was cc’d concerning these actions. Commissioner Creech hasn’t shared that with the citizens of Preble County. This doesn’t sound like transparency to me.

Commissioner Creech states he’s glad he gets the opportunity to save the county tax payers hard earned dollars. He fails to mention the 261 property owners that he voted to take their hard earned money and property for a sewer district we do not need.

Commissioner Creech once again states he’s always been against the sewer district. He also states the Ohio EPA has been in control since day one. That is simply not true. An Ohio EPA document dated March 6, 2014, informed the Commissioners that the sewage sludge in a county ditch in Glenwood was coming from the trailer park and the Ohio EPA labeled it a public nuisance. What did Commissioner Creech do? Nothing. The Ohio EPA gave the Commissioners two deadlines to submit a plan to correct sewage problems in Glenwood. What did Commissioner Creech do? Nothing.

After receiving Orders and Findings in 2015, the Commissioners still refused to submit a plan. Commissioner Creech states numerous times he was against the sewer district from the start. His lack of action says otherwise. Under Commissioner Creech’s leadership, he has taken a sewage problem considered a public nuisance in 2014, to a $15-20 million train wreck. This is inexcusable.

Commissioner Creech states he has always tried to make the best decisions for the people and protect Preble County. Really. Ask the farmers in three townships of Preble County about Mr. Creech’s decisions to help pave the way for solar companies to rape the land and lower farmland values and raise farmers taxes. Ask the people in the Glenwood area about Mr. Creech’s decisions concerning Sewer District 6.

Thomas Jefferson said, “When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.” What are the citizens of Preble County experiencing? Tyranny or liberty?

Jerry L. Wick