Preble County public records

Marriage applications

Preble County Probate Court

Samson Paul, 25, 119 S. Main St. Apt. Back, Lewisburg, student and Bethany Sue Strike, 31, 119 S. Main St. Apt. Back, Lewisburg, house cleaner.

Todd Alan Gallimore, 56, 7082 Center Street, Camden, factory and Melissa Dawne Klapper, 51, 7082 Center Street, Camden, nurse.

Clinton Robert Ach, 34, 9153 South 50 East, Lynn, IN, sales and Kimberly Anne Shelley, 29, 9153 South 50 East, Lynn, Indiana, nurse.

Travis Alexander Koeller, 29, 79 W. Dayton St., West Alexandria, engineer and Lindsay Mae Daugherty, 27, 79 W. Dayton St., West Alexandria, bartender.

Phillip Richard Andrew Moler, 25, 3298 Eldorado Whitewater, Eldorado, factory and Brenna Marie Winkler, 21, 2101 Lexington Road, Eaton, student.

Brian Edward Swain, 37, 4178 Eaton Gettysburg Rd., Eaton, road worker and Amy Lynn Hake, 31, 8392 Crawfordville Campbellstown, Eaton, office manager.

Kyle Bradley Boyd, 22, 413 Willow Drive, Eaton, mechanic and Haley Elizabeth Osborne, 23, 413 Willow Drive, Eaton, pharmacy technician.

Cory Robert Crull, 28, 11785 Morrison Mikesell, New Paris, self employed and Jenna Nicole Kiess, 29, 11785 Morrison Mikesell, New Paris, hospice social worker.

Richard Leroy Combs Jr., 52, 720 Walnut Street, Lewisburg, nurse and Jade Marie Haney, 32, 720 Walnut Street, Lewisburg, nurse.

Kyle Logsdon Barnes, 26, 554 State Route 503 South, West Alexandria, meat manager and Chelsey Rebecca Cornett, 26, 554 State Route 503 South, West Alexandria, store management.

John Omar Elam, 42, 713 N. Barron St., Eaton, machinist and Ashley Lynn Matheson, 33, 713 N. Barron St., Eaton, homemaker.

Joshua Allen Little, 29, 218 W. Clay Street, Lewisburg, factory and Whitney Mea Izor, 24, 218 W. Clay Street, Lewisburg, pet groomer.

Jared Bruce Comfort, 22, 2045 N. Black Oak Drive, Angola, IN, social services and Samantha Grace Denlinger, 22, 4018 Yost Road, Eaton, nurse.

Dale Lee Lunsford, 34, 9745 Rockridge Rd., Lewisburg, plumber and Carrie Ann Brunk, 35, 9745 Rockridge Rd., Lewisburg, lead technician.

Seth Allen Bennett, 21, 721 N. Main St., Lewisburg, inventory manager and Kayla Alexis Ray, 23, 721 N. Main St., Lewisburg, referral specialist.

April title report

Chris Washington

Preble County Clerk of Courts

ATV, 15

Ambulance, 0

Bus, 1

Golf Cart, 0

Manufactured Home, 8

Motor Home, 44

Motorcycle, 95

New Car, 84

New Pick Up, 31

New Truck, 5

Off-Road Motorcycle, 0

Outboard Motor, 19

Trailer, 14

Travel Trailer, 195

Used Car, 892

Used Pickup, 297

Used Truck, 38

Van, 14

Watercraft, 48

Total: 1,795

Real estate transfers

Jeanne Creech

Preble County Recorder

Carolyn A. Jordan and James Edward Lynch to Carolyn A. Jordan, Jennifer A. Kissick, Richard E. Lynch, and Peggy Ann McManis, 142.66 acres, Washington Township.

Little T Ranch LLC to Curtis D. Falldorf and Kristi L. Falldorf, 29.136 acres, Twin Township.

Dennis B. Buckalew and Sallie J. Buckalew to Ronald D. Neanen Jr. and Cynthia A. Neanen, lot 1968, Eaton.

Robert L. Mason and Brian K. Mason to Robert L. Mason, .86 and .85 acres, Jefferson Township.

Shane Baker to Austin White, lot 66, New Lexington.

Melissa Farler to the Village of Lewisburg, lot 26, Lewisburg.

Wells Fargo National Bank to James Douglas Dursch, 2.840 acres and 4.125 acres, Gratis.

The Bank of New York, JP Morgan National Chase Bank Association, Structured Asset Mortgage Investments, Bear Stearns Alt Trust, and Specialized Loan Servicing LLC to Christopher D. Hancock, lot 67, Lakengren.

John K. Spencer Succesor Trustee, Nancy E. Brobeck Succesor Trustee, and Althea Virginia Spencer Revocable Living Trust to Steven D. Spencer, John K. Spencer, and Nancy E. Brobeck, 12.019 acres, Twin Township.

Donald L. Chesnut Trustee and Dee Renee Chesnut Trustee to Katherine N. Burnside and Cody R. Burnside, lot 36, Knollwood.

Richard A. Hicks Jr. and Diana M. Hicks to Matthew A. Pease and Kelly J. Pease, 10.02 acres, Dixon Township.

Karl B. Bergman and Anita L. Bergman to Beth A. Wolfe, lots 1692 and 1693, Lakengren.

Somerville National Bank to Gary Wagner and Patricia Wagner, lot 139, Eaton.

Sharon Gilmore, Charles Myers, Phillip Myers, and Justin Myers to Robert L. Friend and Dennis A. Friend, 67 acres, Twin Township.

Executor Nancy K. Myers and the Estate of Dale T. Myers to Robert L. Friend and Dennis A. Friend, 67 acres, Twin Township.

Executor Melissa Larussa and the Estate of Jean L. Bennet to Robert L. Friend and Dennis A. Friend, 67 acres, Twin Township.

Jimmie R. Retherford to Dorothy Retherford, lots 14 and 332, West Alexandria.

Randy J. Gilbert and Pamela S. Gilbert to Michael J. Clouse and Kathleen G. Clouse, lots 913 and 914, Eaton.

Steven D. Unger to Bradley D. Unger and Lindsey S. Unger, lots 395 and 396, West Alexandria.

Richard D. McKinney to Mary M. Brewer, lot 2017, Eaton.

Paul C. Chaney, Rick L. Chaney, and Vicky L. Johnson to Samuel S. Smith, lot 2556, Eaton.

Thomas L. Stebbins to Tony L. Brown and Katherine M. Brown, 2.03 acres, Gratis.

Kenneth D. Gray to Michael Callahan and Charlene Callahan, 3.8 acres, Gratis.

Charles R. Trent Jr. and Ohio Real Estate Auctions LLC to River Valley Credit Union Inc., 4.03 acres, Gratis.

Ernest Marion Rhodus Jr. and Judith Ann Rhodus to Dustin J. Bassler and Amanda J. Bassler, lot 3218, Eaton.

Michael Hudson and Connie R. Hudson to Nicole Meeks, lots 500 and 630, Eaton.

Marshall A. Mullins to Johnny E. King and Kacey A. King, 6.252 acres, Gratis.

Brian P. Watts and Julie M. Watts to Chad A. Smith and Lisa M. Smith, 2.534 acres, Lanier Township.

Jeremy N. McCloskey and Terri L. McCloskey to Sean P. Withrow, 7.156 acres, Gratis.

Augustus Ross and Jeannie J. Vance to the Unger Family Limited Partnership, 25.5 acres, Washington Township.

Gail D. Ball and Gail D. Derr to Steven Derr, Gail D. Derr, and Gail D. Ball, lots 62, 1464, 1466, and 1467, Eaton.

Kieth M. Siney to Kieth M. Siney and Heidi M. Siney, 3.945 acres, Lanier Township.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and Lerner Sampson & Norris to Curtis L. Gibbs, lot 338, West Alexandria.

US National Bank Trustee, LSF9 Master Participation Trust, and Caliber Real Estate Services LLC to Tood L. Ozbun and Regina A. Ozbun, 10.275 acres, Jefferson Township.

Kimberly Booher-Smith and Scott A. Smith to Paul D. Lindquist and Karen B. Lindquist, lot 952, Lewisburg.

Executor Ricardo R. Curry and Harold D. Curry to Theodore H. Thies II, 1.329 acres, Harrison Township.

Jerry A. Harsh and Lottie Harsh to Donald E. Harsh, 124.701 acres, Jackson Township.

West End Bank to Chad Rinehart, lots 48, 50, 220, and 221, New Paris.

Robert V. Frank and June E. Frank to Bret Frank, lot 3095, Eaton.

Kyle Kolopanis to John J. Morin and Alicia N. Morin, lot 613, Lakengren.

Mark E. Howard to James E. Anderson and Mary E. Anderson, lot 1772, Lakengren.

Glen C. Smith and Lorna Joy Smith to John A. Newman, lot 9, Lincoln.

Rick Balonier Trustee and the Hal V. Long Family Trust to Jason Witte, lot 416, Lakengren.

Britney R. McClain to JP Morgan National Chase Bank Association, lot 655, Eaton.

Christopher D. McIntyre to JP Morgan National Chase Bank Association, lot 158, West Manchester,

Paul C. Kepler and Mary Kepler to US National Bank Association and Ownit Mortgage Loan Trust, 0.896 acres, Harrison Township.

Sheri L. Waxler to Robert A. D’Alesandro, lot 2086, Eaton.

Danny Watson to Kayla Gibson, lot 357, Deer Run.

Patricia Ellaine Edwards to Amie Glaub Cassidy, lot 2, Oliver.

Mary A. Bush Successor Trustee and the Elbert C. Bush and Mary A. Bush Revocable Living Trust to Eric R. Taylor, 1.12 acres, Lanier Township.

Helen Clyde Kegley to Alice J. Spitler, Sandra L. Showalter, John M. Kegley and Mark G. Kegley, 80 acres, Lanier Township.

Travis W. Wheeler to Geoffrey A. Justice and Tabitha G. Justice, lot 174, West Alexandria.

NK Rentals LLC to Nicholas E. Kieffer, lots 54 and 55, New Paris.

Judith Marie Sherwood to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, lots 8 and 9, New Paris.

Michael B. Walls to JP Morgan National Chase Bank Association, lot 831, Eaton.

Richard A. Brannon Jr. and Beverly A. Brannon to Preble Creek Holdings LLC, lot 2013, Eaton.

James C. Jones and Carolyn R. Jones to James Daniel Jones and Kellie J. Jones, lot 3A, 4A, 3B, and 2C, Whitewater.

John David Bortel II to Heidi L. Bortel, 2.290 acres, Washington Township.

Danny R. Shelley and Nancy C. Shelley to Aaron G. Markley and Christy L. Markley, 4.15 acres, 1.5 acres, and .47 acres, Jackson Township.

Mark R. Lindsey to Gina M. Wyatt and Andrew J. Peak, lot 59, Camden.

Berl D. Rose Jr. and Barbara J. Rose to Kevin L. Riege, lots 343 and 344, West Alexandria.

Luxe Builders Inc. to Craig P. Metz and Jan Metz, lot 3142, Eaton.

Patricia M. Wager to Heather Lewis, lot 160, Deer Run.

Dean L. Cottingim and Shirley A. Cottingim to Gregg W. Cottingim, 1.365 acres, Jackson Township.

Yvonne M. Brubaker to Zane Wyman, 2.656 acres, Lanier Township.

Tamara K. Murphy to the Somerville National Bank, lots 1 and 2, Camden.

Aaron E. French to Woogie Investments LLC, lots 41 and 42, Woodsdale.

Gary L. Moore and Roberta R. Moore to Michael A. Duckworth and Grace E. Duckworth, lot 43, College Corner.

Verona Natural Gas Company to Glenwood Financial Services LLC, lots 18, 19, and 20, Verona.

Deutsche Bank Trust Company, Saxon Asset Securities Trust, and Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Robert H. Coffey and Brenda A. Coffey, lot 4, Christy.

Norman Howard and Norman R. Howard Jr. to Beverly D. Howard and Norman R. Howard Jr., 1.58 acres, Harrison Township.

Carol C. Badgley to Michael C. Badgley Successor Trustee and the Carol C. Badgley Trust, 2.942 acres, Monroe.

Winston D. Johnson to Michael Donald Johnson and Cassandra Faye Cheatham Johnson, 72.623 acres, Gratis.

Administrator Billy A. Tackett and Walter A. Nock Jr. to Emory Brown, lot 32, Lakengren.

Donald S. Moore Trustee, Carole M. Moore Trustee, and the Moore Family Trust to Susan S. Combs Trustee and the Susan S. Combs Revocable Living Trust, lot 1796, Lakengren.

Betty Marr to Landen O’Banion and Amanda O’Banion, 9 acres, Gratis.

Martha Jeanette Hapner and Diana M. Combs to Edkor D. Rike and Regina L. Rike, lot 93, Lewisburg.

Gary M. Wright to Matawin Ventures LLC, 11.006 acres, Gratis.

Jack H. Sanders and Carol A. Sanders to Kenneth Kist, lot 4, College Corner.

Executor Rosemary Webster and Virginia Haynes Stapleton to Justin Thompson and Azure Jeffries, lot 938, Lewisburg.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation and Sampson Lerner to Steve Grillmeier, lot 196 and 197, Eldorado.

Chad L. Schul and Sarah N. Schul to Jeffrey L. Jones, lot 1306, Lakengren.

Pennington Homes Inc. to Jennifer N. Gross and Garland M. Gross, lot 347, West Alexandria.

Nancy M. Christensen Jackson to Audra J. Masters, lots 959 and 961, Eaton.

Karl V. Mielke and Nedra S. Mielke to Paul L. Arahood and Janice A. Arahood, lot 34, Eaton.

Janet L. Langford to Timothy D. Stebbins, 25.40 acres, Lanier Township.

Wayne C. Staton and Judith D. Staton to Joshua Chandis Staton and Melinda Francis Staton, 40.804 acres, Israel Township.

Cathy J. Strong to Jimmy R. Strong, 1 acre, Gratis.

Carolyn McWhinney to Thomas A. McWhinney, Lori J. McWhinney, Edward L. McWhinney, Vickie S. McWhinney, Dale G. Hall, Ellen J. Hall, Randy A. Ballinger, and Gina A. Ballinger, 2.1 acres and 150 acres, Jackson Township.

Tasha M. McCoy to Richard Kevin Thorpe, 7.580 acres, Twin Township.

Gary A. Coffman to Steven M. Lawrence, Eldorado, lot 403.

Ruby Realty LLC to New Paris Realty LLC, 4 acres and 4.577 acres, Jefferson Township.

Janet L. Langford to David M. Gilbert and Charlotte M. Gilbert, 1.356 acres, Lanier Township.

Gregory Burtch and Tracy Burtch to Amanda J. Bolner to Joshua A. Bolner, lot 255, New Paris.

Angelia B. Fryer to John E. Fryer, lot 321, Camden.

John C. Wells and Rebecca E. Wells to Justin P. Finch and Bobbi Jean Finch, lot 346 Gratis.

Charles R. Warner and Alma R. Warner to Fifth Third Mortgage Company, lot 633, Lakengren.

Daniel O. Hendershot to Pennymac Loan Services LLC, lot 777, Eaton.

Sandra Ann Ressler to Sandra Ann Ressler Trustee and the Ressler Family Trust, 51.54 acres, Harrison Township.

Anna Belle Harris to David Alan Harris Trustee, Annette Kaye Harris Mann Trustee, and the Anna Belle Harris Irrevocable Trust, 82 acres, Monroe.

John David Bortel II to Heidi L. Bortel, 2.290 acres, Washington Township.

Samuel J. Hodler to Jeffrey A. Moreland and Melissa A. Moreland, lots 1666 and 1667, Lakengren.

Floyd D. Spencer and Marnita L. Spencer to Bradley Salsbury and Analicia Salsbury, 1.76 acres, Monroe.

Ronald E. Klinger to Deutsche National Bank Company Truste and Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc., lot 20, West Manchester.

Malcolm H. Aukerman, Bruce D. Aukerman, David M. Aukerman, and Violet M. Aukerman to Lisa Turner, 87 acres, Washington Township.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Suted Solutions LLC, lot 1114, Eaton.

Daniel C. Fultz to Amanda Cummins and Aunda Meadows, 1.875 acres, Gratis.

Kathy J. Deborde to Mark T. Hussong, 12.816 acres, Gratis.

Anne C. Becker to Damion Winkler and Shannon Winkler, 1 acre, Washington Township.

Deborah E. Guckian to Robert J. Guckian, lot 17, Eaton.

Brenda D. Gulley and Douglas W. Gulley to Weston T. Corder and Cassandra J. Corder, lots 47 and 48, Eaton.

Shari R. Ferguson to Charles L. Williams, lot 812, Lewisburg.

Tammy L. Farmer to Kristine M. Howard, lot 1148, Lakengren.

Billie Jean Clinger to the Earl Emerson Clinger and Billie Jean Clinger Trust, lot 1490, Lakengren.

Debra S. Strawsburg to Dru C. Strawsburg, lot 45, Knollwood.

Jeanne K. Condol Successor Trustee and Patricia Ann Kieffer Schamaun Revocable Living Trust to Larry Amos and Karen Amos, lots 83 and 86, Eaton.

Christopher Hancock to Emily E. Hawn, lot 1065, Lakengren.

Theresa Lee Gardner to Anthony J. Guerrero and Jessica A. Guerrero, lot 2637, Eaton.

Robert Eastham to Douglas W. Gulley and Brenda D. Gulley, 5 acres, Jefferson Township.