Around the ‘burg

Hello Lewisburg!

There is spirit; there is grace in our peaceful country place. Just take a look around the ‘Burg and it is easy to see why this statement is so true. People helping people and taking care of their needs. The teamwork in Lewisburg is phenomenal. We are one proud village!

Pay It Forward

Give someone a smile. It makes them wonder what you are up to. Don’t tell!

Lewisburg happenings

June 10: Neighborhood Night at Lewisburg Trinity Lutheran Church Serving homemade meals 5-6:30 p.m.

June 13: BINGO The doors open at 6 p.m. and the games begin at 6:30. There is a food concession with tasty sandwiches. Just ask Michelle! One must be 18 years of age to play. We will miss this month’s BINGO but get ready for next month. We found a dauber bag at Goodwill. Everyone will want it! Jodi, we won’t have to borrow a dauber. We now have three!

June 13: Lewisburg Alumni Banquet This will be held at the Tri-County North High School gymnasium. A meet-and-greet will be held at 4 p.m. followed by a catered dinner (Robb’s Restaurant) at 5:30 p.m. Recognition of classes and a presentation of the $1,000 alumni scholarship will follow the meal. If there are questions, please contact Mary Studebaker at 937-962-4979.

July 11: BINGO

July 18: Steak Fry 5-7 p.m. TCN Community Center Steak or Pork Chops, Baked Potato, Salad and a beverage Adults $15 Children under 12 $7

July 18: Auction 7 p.m. Donations are now being accepted for the auction If there are questions, call Pam Baker at 937-962-2190.

July 18: MOVIE NIGHT. At dusk Bring your light saber for this great movie “STAR WARS” If you haven’t seen it, now is your chance. If you’ve already seen it, seeing Harrison Ford as a young man is worth the time and effort. Snacks are served.

What’s Been Happening Janet and Judy?

•Judy has completed eleven months of intense therapy. We are not sure if she graduated or was kicked out. The five day a week trips to Richmond have stopped. Thank goodness!

•Since we no longer have therapy in Richmond, we have started therapy at home. Planting 94 perennials in three days was great exercise. We purchased a short handle shovel for Judy and a garden bench. She digs, Janet plants, and Michelle complains. The dogs lazily lay under the shade trees and watch.

•We are now officially clowns! No comments please. What an experience. There were times that we drove Pastor Cavendish crazy but in the end, he was pleased. We are members of the “Life in Christ Circus” This was a twenty week course. The course was taught by Pastor Cavendish (Willy Nilly) who is a graduate of the “Life in Christ Circus” of Omaha, Nebraska and a graduate of the Red Skelton Clown School of Vincennes, Indiana. The course covered the basics of juggling (Judy is really good with one hand), clown makeup, clown magic (watch Michelle disappear), skit writing and performing. We had a great graduation with a HUGE attendance of family and friends. Thanks so much for being part of our day! In the words of Dick Hardel, “The clown has helped people look at themselves and wonder about life and what gives life throughout the ages and among many cultures,”

Graduation congratulations

Congratulations to the Tri-County North Class of 2015. Your future is just beginning. Make right choices and think about your impact on your surroundings.

Success runs in the family

It’s official! Alex Savage, daughter of Jim and Tammy Broughton was introduced as a member of the 2015 Ben-Gal cheer squad. We saw pictures! It’s not all fun and games. It takes a lot of hard work and brain power. Judy and I are trying out next year. We didn’t think that they were ready for us this year. It’s hard to jump high when using a cane. I don’t have an excuse. I just can’t jump. Maybe we can do the floor exercises! Congratulations, Alex!

Happy birthday

Marilyn Hosbrook — June 13

Belated happy birthday

Jackie Sewert — June 6

Jerry Gross — May… Too many candles to count

Happy anniversary

BJ and Jackie Sewert, Josh and Mindy Harry, Diane and Gene Moyer are all celebrating anniversaries this week. Congratulations!

Heard through the grapevine

Charlotte Barnhiser is recovering at Genesis Health Care from a recent fall. She would love to hear from all of you. The address is: 512 Crescent Drive, Troy, OH 45373. Let’s shower her with good wishes.

New addition

Mallory (Creech) Lewis recently gave birth to a baby boy named Grayson. Proud grandparents are Randy and Paula Creech. First time uncle: Brady Creech and great-grandmother, Linda Creech. Best wishes to everyone. The only question is: Who will spoil him the most?

In closing

Enjoy the summer activities. Just wish it would warm up a little. Ask again in a week! Now that school is out for the summer, please be on the lookout for bicycle and motorcycle riders. Let’s share the roads safely! Support the ‘Burg!

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