Commissioners approve purchase of water truck


EATON — The Preble County Commissioners approved the purchase of a new water truck for the Preble County landfill during a meeting on June 10.

Commissioners met for regular sessions on Monday, June 8 and Wednesday, June 10.

The purchase of the truck is in attempt to become in compliance with NOVs recently received by the Landfill from the Ohio EPA. During a meeting on Wednesday, June 3, commissioners received a call from the EPA asking for more support to the landfill from the commissioners in addressing issues at the landfill.

Commissioners approved an expenditure of $48,000 for a 2009 Ford Water Truck. The funds for the purchase came from the Landfill’s yearly budget.

Engineer Kyle Cross also informed commissioners, plans for the federal paving project on Lexington Salem must be submitted by Aug. 1.

Commissioners approved the purchasing of New Case Management software for Prosecutor Martin Votel with a one-time set up fee of $15,000 and $1,500 per month licensing fee.

Votel wrote a check out of the Law Enforcement Trust Fund to pay for the new system, but County Clerk Connie Crowell did say Votel would like to see this paid for out of the general fund in the future, citing an overall cost savings with time management and personnel savings.

Commissioners also held their monthly meeting with the Emergency Management Agency Director David Anderson. Anderson informed the commissioners the website for the department is getting closer to being launched and he hopes to have it up and running soon.

Anderson also said the AERS field day will be June 27-28 at the EMA building. Anderson will be on vacation from July 3 to July 15 and the Preble County Sheriff’s Office will take over duties during that time in case of a major emergency while Anderson is out of town.

Commissioners approved a motion to place a legal advertisement, bid specs, and bid form for the Gratis Mack Street Water Line Replacement Project.

Three expenditures were also approved for the county engineer’s office: $36,780 was approved for the purchase of 500 tons of De-Icing Salt, $26,084.40 was approved for the purchase of reinforced concrete pipe and $11,770 for Guardrail Hex Nuts and Studs.

Commissioners noted receipt of a paid note in the amount of $153,472.80 for the Landfill Loader.

Commissioners noted receipt and approved a service agreement between Child Placement Services and Hittle House for the amount of $45,000.

County Commissioners meet every Monday and Wednesday at the Preble County Courthouse, at 9 a.m.

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