Commissioners discuss landfill, insurance renewals


EATON — The Preble County Commissioners met in regular session on Wednesday, June 17, and discussed penalties for violators who are responsible for issues of trash being found in “hardfill” material at the landfill.

Landfill manager David Wilson informed commissioners that “hardfill” is concrete that the landfill allows to be dumped in certain areas. Wilson told commissioners they allow the “hardfill” to be dumped for free by contractors and other construction crews but issues of trash being hidden under the “hardfill” are occurring.

Commissioners, along with Wilson and Sanitary Engineer Randy Gilbert, decided to develop a policy for violators with possible penalties. Those penalties could include being charged for the entire load at normal waste prices and no longer having the privilege to dump “hardfill” at the landfill.

Commissioners told Wilson and Gilbert to create a written policy statement regarding “hardfill” and the penalties for violators that will be put in place at the landfill.

In other business, Gilbert told commissioners he wasn’t sure if any employee worked under 50 hours last week in an effort to meet EPA requirements.

Gilbert also said the erosion control issues and seeding of grass are going well but weather continues to be an obstacle.

Gilbert asked commissioners to consider bringing in part time help while the landfill prepares to begin construction on the new building. Gilbert expressed concerns the construction of the road and building pad will interfere with the continued efforts to be in compliance with the EPA.

Commissioners told Gilbert to come back with the estimated costs for options to bring extra workers during the time.

Commissioners also met with CEBCO and McGohan Brabender representatives to discuss the county’s upcoming insurance renewal.

Preble County qualified to be in the lowest price of renewal increase at zero to three percent. Only five other counties qualified for the lowest tier compared to nine who were at the highest rate of 16 percent according to the representatives.

New incentives offered through the insurance program were also discussed.

The program will now be offering a total of $650 worth of incentives if those who use the insurance take optional biometric screenings.

The screenings, which are based on gender and age, are designed to help discover health programs in the early stages. These screenings also help lower rates in the long run as they act as preventive actions.

County commissioners meet every Monday and Wednesday at 9 a.m.

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