Camden Fire Department has successful carnival


CAMDEN — Camden Village Council met on Thursday, July 2, and were thanked by local firemen for council allowing the recent carnival to take place.

Donnie Hedge, a Camden Fire Department member thanked council for allowing the carnival to be held on Ohio 725 and informed council they raised as much money this year as they have in the past four years combined.

Hedge also asked for permission to host the event at the same place next year, since The Kissel Brothers, the company who provided the rides, will agree to a contract for next year if the carnival was held in the same location.

Council member Mellissa Shull made a motion to approve the location in order for the contract to be granted. The motion was approved by council.

Council member Kelly Doran also publicly apologized to the fire department for comments he made about the carnival blocking Main Street being bad for business. He said he would support the location for the carnival and do nothing to prevent it from being there.

In other business:

Doran also informed council a budget meeting took place before the council meeting and everything “appears to be on target.”

Village Administrator Nelson McKeever informed council the water main leak has been found and the water system is now operating at normal levels. The leak was located at the corner of Depot and Central.

McKeever spoke to council about the upcoming OPCW grant application and said the application will need to include some sort of widening project for the project to have a chance to get selected by the state.

Council also met with two insurance agents to discuss possible options for insurance policies for the village. The village will explore options to bring in a consultant to help with the process of selecting the new policy.

Council revoked a payment deal with Michael Perry that was given to him at the prior village council meeting. Perry was to make payment on an overdue water bill which had not been paid since early this year and failed to do so in the time given by council.

A local bar owner spoke to council about concerns of the demolition of a building currently leaning on his establishment. The owner wanted the dates of construction, saying he was concerned for the safety of his customers if the building were to fall. He wants to close during those days.

Camden Village Council meets the fourth Thursday of every month at 7 p.m. at the village office building.

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