Hager accepts plea deal


EATON — Bevin Hager of Eaton recently pleaded guilty to one count “theft,” a felony of the fourth degree, according to Prosecuting Attorney Marty Votel.

Hager was employed as an office manager at Kramer and Associates in Eaton for over a decade, according to Votel, with her employment ending in 2008. An office audit performed in August 2011 revealed that she had overpaid herself nearly $17,000 over the last several years of her employment.

This discovery resulted in a grand jury indictment issued against her in June 2014.

The fourth degree felony is punishable by up to 18 months in prison and a fine of $5,000. Hager, as a first time offender, was permitted to enter the Diversion Program administered by the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney.

“Should the defendant abide by the terms of the program, her plea of guilty will be dismissed by the Court and the defendant will have no criminal conviction on her record,” Votel said.

If Hager fails to abide by the terms of the program, the court at that time will have the authority to accept the plea and sentence the defendant on the underlying felony offense, Votel noted.

The program terms require the defendant to pay restitution to the victim, perform community service, pay certain administrative fees, and abide by the laws of the State of Ohio, according to Votel.

After the court denied Hager’s motion to dismiss the charge, the parties reached the agreement. Hager was permitted to enter a diversion plea after Kramer and Associates consented.

The diversion program will last 36 months, over which time she will pay restitution to Kramer and Associates of approximately $21,000, the amount of the theft plus Kramer’s audit costs, according to Votel.

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