Fairboard meets final time before upcoming fair


EATON— The Preble County Agricultural Society (Fair) Board met in regular session for the last time before the Preble County Fair on Thursday, July 16.

The Preble County Fair will run Saturday, Aug. 1 through Saturday, Aug. 8 at the fairgrounds.

During the meeting, the board granted an extension for entry into the open class hog show until Friday, July 24 at 3 p.m. Entries will only be accepted for those who come to the fairground offices to during normal operating hours.

The board has set up a “Chicken Pool” which will allow people to donate to a pool that will go to participants in the fair who are unable to sell their chickens this year because of the current ban on poultry shows across the state.

In order to donate to the “Chicken Pool” donors will need to a write a separate check to the pool, unlike add-ons to specific participants which can still be done at the sale table as in years past.

The fairgrounds will also play the National Anthem over the public address system every day at 9 a.m.

Fairgrounds Manager James Mays said he has received donations of water from Kroger and Family Dollar, as well as gift-cards from Wal-mart.

The board approved a request from Mays to pay maintenance workers a salary of $850 for the week of fair which will help save the board close to $2,000.

The fairgrounds received the Brooke Gould Foundation Grant of $12,000 for a new flag pole. Mays told the board he will find out if the money can be used on more than one pole.

Mays informed the board he will seek $75,000 of the next round of grant money for purchasing new equipment for the grounds.

The board also approved Mays’ request to purchase a 1994 Ford truck for the grounds to replace the golf-cart they rent every year for travel on the grounds. Mays said the truck will pay for itself in three years.

The fair board has filed for another extension on taxes as they continue to work through the taxes for the previous year. It was noted during the meeting, the society doesn’t currently owe any taxes.

The board was also informed their bills are paid and complete up through the month of July, outside of the DP&L Electric bill.

Manfred Schreyer spoke to the board about the Eatonic Music Festival and said he has received a large amount of public support. He also said any problems with gaining a liquor license should be resolved soon.

Schreyer also asked approval to allow him to bury a time capsule on the fairgrounds property. He said he will ask each artist, including Buddy Guy, to bring an item to be buried in the capsule in the middle of the infield at the fairgrounds.

By Austin Schmidt

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