Stingrays hand out awards


EATON — The Preble County Stingrays swim team had their award banquet at the YMCA this past week.

Below are the awards given out at the banquet:

High point awards on the girls side went to Olivia Cochran (eight and under), Josey Meeks (nine and 10), Madelynn Baker (11 and 12), Abby Liddy (13 and 14), and Callie McCargish (15 and over).

On the boys’ side, the high point awards went to Austin Peace (eight and under), Elliott Voge (nine and 10), Clayton Kiracofe (11 and 12), Aaron Scholl (13 and 14), and Mason McCargish (15 and over).

Most improved awards went to Hunter Todd (boys eight and under), Emily Haynes (girls eight and under), Taylor Bradley (boys nine and 10), Cordelia Brannon (girls nine and 10), Justin Liddy (boys 11 and 12), Brianna Burig (girls 11 and 12), Andrew Brooks (boys 13 and 14), Shelbey Slade (girls 13 and 14), John Christman (boys 15 and over), Natalie Brawley (girls 15 and over).

Perfect attendance awards went to Clayton Kiracofe, Rebekah Honaker, Rachel Honaker, Ben Todd, Hunter Todd, Cherokee Purdue, Maddie Peace, Kaylee Conley. Noelle Bassler, Olivia Cochran, Kaydin Casteel

The team Captains this year were Ryan Bassler, Drew Pool, Josh Pool, Andrew Horton, and Conley Mitchell. The junior captains were Jacob Doty, Shelby Slade, Allison Bassler, Maddie Darr, Tyler Gregory, and Tatum Durbin

Record breakers were Madelynn Baker (11 and 12) in the 25-yard butterfly with a time of 15.38, Benjamin Todd (eight and under) in the 100-yard individual medley with a time of 2:04.47, Tyler Gregory (13 and 14) in the 50-yard breaststroke with at time of 35.50, and Mason McCargish (15 and over) in the 100-yard individual medley with a time of 1:05.90

Swimmers interested in the summer team need to look for Stingray flyers at school in late March.

The YMCA also has a winter program starting in September for swimmers that want to get started before the summer season.

The Stingrays also send a special thank you to Sandra Mitchell who, for the past three years, has been behind the scenes. She has one of the most important jobs on the team (and one of the most time consuming) by making sure they have ribbons for the inter-squad meet, the regular meet and the Preble County Invitational, according to Coach Dave Montgomery. “There was never any worry because she was always on top of what the team needed,” he said.

R-H Staff

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