Commissioners discuss new landfill compactor


EATON — The Preble County Commissioners on Wednesday, July 15, discussed the purchase of a new compactor for the Preble County Landfill as part of the Sanitary Engineer’s monthly report.

Randy Gilbert and David Wilson from the Sanitary Engineers department recommended the landfill purchase a CAT Compactor instead of BOMAG compactor which they currently use.

Representatives Scott Runnells and Gary Arthur from S.E.E.Q. were present at the meeting on behalf of BOMAG and noted the difference in cost was about $200,000, estimating the cost to be $530,000 for the BOMAG compared to the $740,000 for a CAT.

However, both Wilson and Gilbert believe the CAT was a cheaper long term solution. “What we looked at was 35,000 hours is the number we were roughly shooting for and that is basically purchasing three BOMAGS how we are currently operating. The power train rebuild and complete certified rebuild on the CAT is about 250,000 to 300,000 savings long term,” Wilson said during the meeting.

Wilson also said he talked to the staffs at numerous landfills across the country to research what the best option would be. He also noted the BOMAG would be much more difficult to rebuild because the nearest service station is in Michigan.

Gilbert supported Wilson in the decision: “It’s the long term cost we are looking at. They are absolutely correct in the short term the BOMAG is cheaper but when you have to buy three BOGMAGs compared to two CATs with the factory rebuild available to them the price works out in the favor of the Caterpillar,” he said.

The full factory rebuild will cost about 55 percent of the original cost and the powertrain rebuild is about 40 percent of the original cost.

Gilbert also noted the resale value of the CAT will be about $200,000 after 10,000 hours of operation compared to that of $40,000 for the BOMAG.

No official date was set to decide which compactor to purchase, but it is expected to happen in the next few weeks.

Commissioners and the two landfill representatives also went over the blueprints for the new building being built at the landfill. Gilbert said the expected advertised base bid will be $838,000.

A work session will be held in the next few weeks to finalize the plans and begin the bid process.

Gilbert informed the commissioners the tonnage being taken in at the Landfill was trending up.

He also told commissioners he doesn’t expect any major issues from the EPA’s surface water tests which occurred on July 9.

In other business commissioners:

· Approved the expenditure of $9,257 for an upgrade to the 911 server at the Eaton Police Department. They also approved an expenditure for $18,894 for upgrades to the 911 server at the Preble County Sheriffs Office

· Passed resolution 409 requesting the Preble County auditor to certify the total current tax valuation for the Children Services tax levy replacement

· Received the monthly jail report: 81 males, 32 females were booked with 132 releases for the month. The daily average was 57 inmates and the jail served around 5,000 meals.

· Entered agreement with Preble County Chiropractic: Nutrition and Sports Injury Center as part of the Wellness Committee and grant to provide half hour massages for $20

Preble County Commissioners meetings are open to the public and occur every Monday and Wednesday at 9 a.m. at the Preble County Courthouse.

By Austin Schmidt

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