Thank you, ‘Anonymous’ donor



Fresh from the show ring to the barn with his animal that is half his body weight, his prized ribbon in his back pocket, a young 4-H competitor makes his way to his pen. I watch in amazement as he tries to control his animal as he frees one hand to reach for the gate to open his pen. He struggled for a minute until I could get to him and offer to open the gate to his pen.

As an adult with two free hands, some might think that is a simple task. However, after I fight with a gate myself for what seemed like an eternity, a young man in the barn comes over to use pure brute force to finally get the gate open and the animal successfully back safely in his pen.

This is a scene that had been often repeated at the fair.

But, not this year!

This year, the 4-H competitors were blessed to have brand new pens for their goats and sheep — nice looking and easy to maneuver pens for even the youngest competitor.

I, along with a host of parents and competitors would like to thank “Anonymous” for making our lives during the fair a little easier.

“Anonymous” was the one person who saw the need and took it upon themselves to fill it.

Thank you for supporting our Preble County Fair and our 4-H competitors!

Stephanie Garrett

West Alexandria

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