What is the Junior Fair Board?


PREBLE COUNTY — I have been honored this year to serve as the Junior Fair Board president. The Junior Fair Board has been working hard to put on a great fair this year! The Junior Fair Board has the responsibility of making the Junior Fair happen.

Members of the Board represent a youth organization in Preble County – mainly FFA and 4-H. Each serve a two year term with the ability to serve on the board until they age out of their youth organization. My fellow members and I work throughout the year on JFB tasks. One of the biggest responsibilities that we have is making decisions about Junior Fair rules and policies. We debate issues and sometimes have to make tough choices.

We started the year off strong with a few big rule changes to various areas of the fair. One such area was the poultry department.

The Board decided to decrease the minimum age of market turkeys to 18 weeks and to lower the maximum amount of fancy birds exhibitors can show at the fair. The board has continued to handle requests from exhibitors related to the junior fair. In light of the recent ban on poultry shows in Ohio by the Ohio Department of Agriculture due to the avian influenza outbreak in the western states, the board has been working very hard on how to handle our county’s poultry show. Both the Junior and Senior Fair Boards worked together to come up with a decision on how to help poultry showman complete their projects under these special circumstances. It was ultimately decided that the show must go on – just without the live birds!

Preble County will have a poultry showmanship class without any birds per the Ohio Department of Agriculture’s rules. Poultry exhibitors will also be able to participate in a fun day at the time that the traditional show would have been. However, poultry showmen will not be going through the livestock sale. The Junior Fair Board was tasked with gathering funds that are to be split between poultry exhibitors who complete their projects. If you are interested in donating please contact the Senior Fair Board at 937-456-3748.

Personally, I have been an active poultry showman. I also show goats and have a market hog. I am active in my FFA chapter and 4-H Club. I encourage all of you to support the Junior Fair this year by coming to the various shows and events.

While you are there, take the time to thank the Junior Fair Board as well as all of the adult volunteers who help us.

Johnny Cottingim

For The Register-Herald

Johnny is the current president of the Preble County Junior Fair Board.

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