Landfill thinking long-term for new compactor


EATON — The county commissioners continued discussions with Preble County Landfill workers about the purchase of a new compactor for the landfill during a meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 5.

Sanitary Engineer Randy Gilbert and Landfill Manager David Wilson spoke to commissioners expressing their preference on which new compactor to buy for the landfill.

Gilbert and Wilson, who said they have spent almost a year researching which compactor would be best for the landfill to purchase, both told commissioners they would like to purchase a CAT compactor over a BOMAG compactor.

The CAT comes at a higher cost, expected to be around $750,000, compared to a cost of $531,000 for the BOMAG.

Commissioner Denise Robertson asked Wilson, “In your opinion…is going with CAT worth the extra $220,000?”

Wilson responded by saying, “Long term — without a shadow of a doubt. There is no comparison what-so-ever.”

Wilson noted, the landfill currently has a CAT truck purchased in 1990 still operating. He continued, “I was told several times to look at this as a business, the landfill as business. When you’re doing it as a business you’re looking at cost not price. The cost speaks for its self.”

Gilbert supported Wilson by telling commissioners over a long- term period the CAT is cheaper based on resell value, and rebuild costs which are 55 percent the cost of the machine, for a 24 to 30-year life cycle for the machine.

The two also told commissioners the re-sell value of the CAT is far greater than the BOMAG, based on conversations the two have had with other landfills. Gilbert said he’s spoken to a landfill attempting to sell a BOMAG for $20,000 but are unable to find any buyers at the price.

Robertson asked the two how do tax payers benefit from the purchase of the CAT and Gilbert responded: “The long-term cost is cheaper. We are saving money in the long run.”

Commissioners did not act on the purchase for the landfill and instead will do their own research before making a decision on the choice of machine to purchase.

In other business:

• Commissioners noted receipt of and approved a grant application for EMA Director David Anderson. The grant will help pay for half of the EMA’s operating costs for the year which is about $45,000. The grant will pay for utilities, salaries, benefits and the cost of EMA exercises.

• Downed trees were reported at the Preble County Health Department and Fitzwater Lawn and Tree Service provided a quote of $7,200 to have the area cleaned up. An extra $1,250 will be needed if stump removal is included.

• PCI is expected to begin work on the fairgrounds improvementson Monday, Aug. 10.

• The State of the County meeting has been rescheduled for Friday, Sept. 18, at 7:30 a.m.

• Commissioners approved two minor zoning cases. Both passed the Zoning and Planning Commission boards unanimously.

Preble County Commissioners meet every Monday and Wednesday at 9 a.m. at the Preble County Courthouse.

By Austin Schmidt

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