New Paris approves new police cruiser


NEW PARIS — New Paris Village Council approved the purchase of a new police vehicle during a regular meeting on Monday, Aug. 3.

Council, minus Neil Hoffman who was not at the meeting, voted unanimously to approve New Paris Police Chief Chris Driver’s request to purchase a 2016 SUV at a cost of $24,729 for the New Paris Police Department.

Driver said the vehicle will require another $13,000 to be spent to get it fully equipped. Driver did say the vehicle will not need a new radio as the department will use a radio currently being used in a different car.

Driver said the vehicle normally cost around $45,000 but the department is able to purchase the vehicle through a state contract for the significantly lower price.

Driver also informed council he contacted Farmers State Bank in New Paris who offered a 2.25 percent interest loan for five years, with a once-a-year payment of $7,950. Driver said this is how loans for the department have worked in the past.

He continued by telling council the cost will be about $1,000 to $1,500 more per year, but as long as significant changes to the budget do not occur the department will not have to ask for extra money in their yearly budget to pay for the vehicle.

Driver also told council the vehicle will become the department’s first four-wheel drive vehicle, which he said should help the department navigate more efficiently in the winter months.

Driver said currently the department has a 2000 Chevy impala with 150,000 miles, a 2007 Dodge Charger with 128,000 miles and a 2010 Charger with 89,000 miles.

Driver said once the new vehicle is purchased, the department will sell the 2000 Impala and the 2007 Charger will become the department’s back up vehicle.

The motion was passed as an emergency to speed up the process of receiving the vehicle as it will take at minimum of 90 days to have the vehicle purchased and fully-equipped.

Council noted the 2010 Dodge Charger will be paid off in September of this year.

Driver also reported 18 reports filed, nine citations and one arrest for the month of July.

Susan Laux of Motes and Associates updated the current Cherry Street renovations and said the concrete is done and only paving and landscaping remain to complete the project.

Council also approved a payment to Associated Excavating for $91,046 for work done on the project.

Laux also informed council an email for Ohio Department of Transportation said paving outside of the village will not occur until 2018. It was originally scheduled for 2017.

Mayor Rick Van Winkle said new village clerk Amanda Davies will start Aug. 13 as David Wesley continues to serve as the village’s interim clerk.

Council approved a motion to transfer $3,000 to the sanitation department to aide in the cleanup of overgrown properties around the village.

New Paris Village Council meets the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m.

By Austin Schmidt

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