Drug treatment facility coming to Preble


EATON— The Mental Health and Recovery Board of Preble County elected to move forward with bringing two drug rehabilitation homes to Preble County.

With the financial help of Sojourner, a recovery services group, a new residential treatment facility will be coming to Preble County. The house will feature 16 beds and will be able to assist a minimum of 64 people per year to battle the disease of drug addiction according to the Director of Preble County Mental Health and Recovery Amy Raynes.

Raynes explained, Sojourner will provide for the renovation and construction for the house. The treatment is covered by Medicaid, leaving only room and board to be paid for.

Raynes also said the facility will need to be a 3,000 square foot home and will cost about $125,000 a year to operate. The money will come from tax dollars already being spent on mental health and recovery, with no additional money spent according to Raynes.

Raynes said the county spent $103,000 in grant money last year for 15 people over a three month time span, sending patients out of the county for treatment.

She explained the typical treatment time is around 60 days, but can be as short as 30 days or as long as 6 months.

The home will be able to treat all kind of substance abuse addiction including alcohol, prescription drugs, meth and heroin addiction.

The second home will be a permanent supportive housing home designed to allow people who have recently been through treatment to live in a home with people who have dealt with addiction.

The idea, said Raynes, is to “create an atmosphere of shared living where residents rely on each other for support in maintaining sobriety while easing their way back in to society.”

Raynes believes the new treatment facility could have a large impact on the community.

“ I think our community is crying out for answers on the drug problem we have and providing residential supportive housing like this can help lead to a more drug free community, which is always our goal,” she said.

Raynes said currently the board owns 11 different individual units that can be used once residents at the home feel they can maintain sobriety on their own.

Raynes also said the houses will only be offered to either only men or only women, as they cannot offer a co-ed home. Eventually Raynes said the MHRB would like to be able offer homes to both sexes.

The exact location of the facility is yet to be determined, as the board is in the early stages of development for the project.

By Austin Schmidt

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