Marriage Applications:


Marriage licenses

Preble Co. Probate Court

The following marriage license were applied for in Preble County for the week of July 29-Aug. 5:

Richard Lee Eakins III, 31, of West Alexandria and Danielle Won Betzner, 26, of West Alexandria.

James David Isbell, 29, of Eaton and Sharon Marie Calhoun, 32, of New Lebanon.

Michael Anthony Stevens, 47 of New Paris and Tammie Jo Wright, 52, of Richmond.

Jevon Michael Laux, 38, of Lewisburg and Melissa Ann Wentworth, 41, of Lewisburg.

Steven Douglas Smith, 42, of New Paris and Dawn Lynn Bray, 48, of New Paris.

Johnathon Robert Arahood, 23, of New Paris and Kimber Leigh Thomas, 23, of New Paris.

Brandon Michael Greene, 22, of Eaton and Madeline Kay Hunker, 18, of Eaton.

The following marriage licenses were applied for in Preble County from July 22-29:

• Dylan James-Christo Hemmerich, 22, of Lewisburg, Ohio and Taylor Jene Beilharz, 22, of Lewisburg.

• Gary Dean Prater, 50, of Eaton and Tina Marie Fox, 42, of Eaton.

• Eddie Lynn Martin Jr, 34, of Eaton, and Mindy Lynn Cyzick, 30 of Eaton.

• Chileab Corey Antrobus, 25, of Richmond, Indiana and Shannon Renee Feaster, 25, of Richmond, Indiana.

• Branden Jeffery Downs, 25, of Eaton, and Chelsea Mae Teague, 22, of Eaton.

Real Estate Transfers

Preble Co. Recorder

Real Estate Transfers in Preble County for week of July 22-29:

Dale R. Terrill Co-Executor, Kenneth R. Terrill co-Executor, Laura Belle Terrill Co-Executor to Linda Eileen Scrivner, Lot 19 in West Elkton.

Dorothy C. Hensel to Dorothy C. Hensel and Linda K. Maggard, Lot 50 in Lewisburg.

Thomas R. Vennard and Stephanie L. Vernnard to US Bank National Association, Lot 148 in West Alexandria.

Randy E. Hutzler and Janet L. Hutzler to Michael L. Kilby and Marion J. Kilby Lot 373 in Lakengren.

Michael M. Clemons and Sharon L. Clemons to Shelley Marie Morgan, Lot 438 in Camden.

Kelly J Lamb to Kenneth R. Collins and Shelia D. Collins, Lot 313 and Lot 314 in West Alexandria.

Jason R. Morrison to Jade M. Rigsby and Chad D. Rigsby, Lot 2066 in Lakengren.

Joseph P. Young and Sara E. Young to The Secretary of Veterans Affairs and United States of America, Lot 437 in West Alexandria.

Joyce A. Stebbins to Larry N. Ladd, Lot D in Lewisburg OL.

Alvin Leo Stump Trustee, Alvin Leo Stump and Helen Mae Stump REVOCAB, Alvin Leo Stump and Helen Mae Stump REVOCAB, to David L. Rinehart, and Shelia S. Stump, Lot 24 in New Paris.

Alvin Leo Stump to David L. Rinehart and Shelia S. Rinehart lot 24 in New Paris.

Pennington Homes Inc. to Early C. Thomas and Burma D. Thomas, Lot 391 in West Alexandria.

Jacqueline Yenser to Martha Haddix, Lot 254 in Gratis.

Virginia H. Shaffer to Donald Jordan and Karyn Jordan, Lot 1078 in Lakengren.

Joe T. Hall and Janice E. Hall to Charles C. Beasley lot 3268 in Eaton.

Delbert M. Pratt to Sandra K. Pratt, Lot 1274 in Lakengren.

Billy C. Sturgill Sr. to Mary Ann Coyle, Lot 1582 in Eaton.

Deutsche Bank national Trust Company Trustee and Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc. and Owen Loan Servicing to Christopher Hancock, Lot 1065 in Lakengren.

Jeremy P. Ewing, Jeremy D. Ewing, Amy E. Runella, and Amy E. Ewing to Richard E. Ewing, Lot 1143 in Eaton.

Richard E. Ewing to Richard E. Ewing and Jutta G. Ewing, Lot 1143 in Eaton.

Jeffery S. Horning and Mary K. Horning to Jeffery S. Horning, .687 acres in Jackson Township.

Jeffery S. Horning and Mary K. Horning to Mary K. Horning, 2.001 acres in Jackson Township.

Mary Ann Coyle to Lawrence Studebaker and Marguerite Studebaker, Lot 1582 in Eaton.

David D. Akers and Janet Akers to Katelynn Stump, Lot 189, 190 in Gratis.

Brittany R. Anderson and Brittany R. Hortsman to Matthew W. Baumgartner and Lauren E. Green, Lot 173 in Lewisburg.

Alessa N. Dickerson to Jessica Davis and Keith Davis, 2 acres in Jefferson Township.

Michelle L. Isaacs and Michelle L. Moore to Mark A. Isaacs, 37.255 acres, 14.105 acres and 4.915 acres in Harrison Township.

Tammy J. Mikesell and Tammy Mikesell to Federal National Mortgage Association, Lot 2736 in Eaton.

Brianna E. Davidson, Brianne E. Elswick, Brandon M. Davidson to Brianna E. Davidson, Lot 341, Lot 340 in West Alexandria.

Kathy J. Ketcham to Bruce A. Walter and Cecilia J. Walter, Lot 1884 in Lakengren.

John Parks, John L. Parks, and Vicki L. Parks to John L. Parks in, 2.012 acres in Washington Townships.

Allen S. Robertson and Amy L. Robertson to Loren J. Bishop and Amanda R. Bishop, Lot 8 and Lot 9 in Stone Ridge.

Darrel L. Finney and Jaren N Finney to Dennis L. Jerodon and Laurinda S. Jerdon, Lot 1222 in Lakengren.

Dennis Wayne Jaros and Dennis W. Jaros to Dennis W. Jaros and Rose L. Jaros, Lot 188 in Lakengren.

Sharon L. Oler to Shawn Ftizgerald, Lot 413, and 414 in New Paris.

John B. Beres to Paul R. Plaugher and Judy G. Plaugher, Lot 103 in Eaton.

Real Estate transfers filed in Preble County week of July 29-Aug. 5:

Kristin A. Poirier to Richard A. Poirier Jr. 41.024 acres, 51.337 acres and 30.478 acres in Somers Township.

Cossette Collins and Cossette Imogene Collins to Rebecca Jane Henemyre, 1.145 acres in Washington Township.

Robet A. Schlabach to Allen S. Robertson and Amy Robertson, .348 acres and 14.073 acres in Washington Township.

Jan D. Ketron to David E. Norton lot 1364 and lot 1364 in Lakengren.

Helen E. Cail to Bill Lutterman and Diana Lutterman, 3.097 acres in Jefferson Township and .706 acres in Jackson Township.

Altheia Y. Mason to Brian K. Mason ,866 acres in Jefferson Township.

Betty V. Donson to Eugene W. Donson Jr. 1.177 acres in Lanier Township.

Janet Phelps S. and Dale E. Blankenship. To Kenneth D. Wright and Yvonne R. Wright Lot 128 in West Alexandria.

Eugene W. Donson, Eudgene W. Donson Jr., Kathy Rinehart, Katthy Rinehart, David Donson, Alice K. Donson to Jordan P. Rodgers 1.177 acres in Lanier Township.

Daniel J. Bauer to Federal Greenville lot 1809 in Lakengren.

Stephen V. Hafle, Steven Vance Hafle to Steven Vance Hafle and Devan Vance Hafle. 2.543 acres in Twin Township.

Jeffrey W. Schmidt and Lindsey Schmidt to Eric G. Kennel and Carmen R. Kennel 2.450 acres in Jackson Township.

Terry W. Sexton and Pamela S. Sexton to Terry W. Sexton and Pamela S. Sexton lot 2891 in Eaton.

PNC Bank NA to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development lot 193 in Lewisburg.

Vivian M. Barker to Phyllis Caplinger lot 1402 and 1404 in Eaton.

Pierce Thomas and Mary Jane Pierce to Brain L. Black lots 385 and 386 in Lakengren.

Harry C. Bright to Todd D. Stewart lots 36 and 37 in New Paris.

Dean J. Houchen to Howard M. Wolf 2.782 acres in Jackson Township.

Diana Kuck to Alex G. Geeting and Allison Geeting lot 474 in West Alexandria.

Joni L. Kenworth to Aaron M. Fritz Lot 10 in Brooks.

Jason M. Bruabker to Nimesh K. Patel lot 452 in West Alexandria.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Teleos Home to Kyle Newsock lot 100 in Lewisburg.

Clara Jane Eikenberry to Donald E. Eikenberry, Kay J. Oyler, Karen Sue Wolf, Dale A. Eikenberry and Kristine A. Mohler 21.446 acres in Washing Township.

Michael T. Moore to Richard Dingee two acres in Washington Township.

Kenneth S. Grogean to Kenneth Laudermilk 6.0 acres in Harrison Township.

James Henrik Saylor Trustee, Kimberly Ann Henrik Trustee, and James Henrik Saylor Revocable Living Trust to James Henrick Saylor Revocable Living trust , Saylor James Henrik and Kimberly Ann Saylor lots 653, 84, and 85 in Lakengren.

James Henrik Saylor and Kimberly Ann Saylor to Saylor Group Properties lots 653, 84 and 85 in Lakengren.

Terry Mantle and Lauvon R. Mantle to Justin B. Burns lot 5 in Marcum.

Morris L. Fudge and Patricia Fink to James R. Ball lots 1256 and 1257 in Eaton.

Secretary of Housing and Urban development and Ofori and Associates to Eric Best and Halie Best lot 1149 in Lakengren.

Hake Brothers Construction LLC to Danny Jeffers, Jeanne Jeffers and Becky J. Brubaker lot 3233 in Eaton.

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