Preble County Board of Commissioners receive update of fairground renovation project


EATON — Preble County Commissioners were given an update on the renovations being done at the Preble County Fairground during their meeting on Wednesday, Sept 9.

Commission Clerk Connie Crowell read a letter to the commissioners which explained at least four projects have been completed with others expecting to be completed in the coming weeks.

The letter did not specify which buildings have been completed; only referring to the buildings by their project number.

Other buildings will be unable to receive the original paint selected to be used on the roofs, as two horse barns, three other roofs and small connecting piece are unable to be painted with the paint type selected for the project. The six sections of roof are aluminum and Sherwin Williams could not give a warranty after preliminary results showed in some areas the paint failed to apply correctly to the aluminum roofs.

The type of paint suggested to be used by Sherwin Williams does not come in green, like other roofs which will be painted during the project, so silver will be used instead.

Commissioner Chris Day brought up the idea of asking a person working on the project for a price difference for replacing the roofs compared to re-painting them for future projects. Day also said he believed the estimate will make the decision a “quick one” and only wanted the estimate out of curiosity.

Day also informed his fellow commissioners an addendum will be needed after a pre-bid meeting for paving of the project revealed concerns of asphalt availability.

Day said the asphalt plant in Camden is currently broken down and the 127 project is using the West Carrollton plant.

The addendum to the bid specs will allow the project of be finished in the spring if necessary.

By Austin Schmidt

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