Preble County Commissioners explain roofing permits after Hurricane Ike as resident voices concerns about fine


EATON — During a meeting on Wednesday, Sept 9, the Preble County Commissioners took questions from a concerned citizen regarding fines he was assessed recently by the county.

Robert Scheidling of New Paris spoke to commissioners about an $89 fine he had for construction on a roof at one of his rental properties.

Scheidling said he was unaware of the permit needed and came in immediately to retain it, but was still assessed the fine for working without the permit — despite having purchased it.

Day informed Scheidling the requirements of permits came after Hurricane Ike came through and several people reported individuals claiming to be roofing companies being paid to do projects without doing the work.

Day explained there were so many roofing companies in the area after the storm they had no way to track down the people who took money without providing the services, so the permits were an effort to help prevent that from happening in the future.

As for Scheidling, both Commissioners Robertson and Day felt the fines were not meant to punish those attempting to be in compliance with the law as Scheidling appeared to be.

Commissioners told him they will revisit the policy but he should go ahead and pay the fine while they discuss whether the policy should be changed or if he should be reimbursed.

Scheidling also expressed concerns about charges for a dumpster at his rental properties which had recently gone up in cost.

Robertson explained to him a new policy, which assumes all dumpsters are full when picked up, was put into place. She explained this was an effort to help simplify the pricing system being used.

Robertson also told him some people received an increase while others a decrease based on the system which charges based on certain ranges in the amounts of trash picked up.

They advised Scheidling to speak to someone at the landfill about the pricing.

Commissioners also approved the purchase of a new copier through grant money for Victim of Crimes Advocacy. The commissioners appropriated the remaining $892.65 of the cost from the VOCA budget to purchase the copier.

The commissioners also held a bid opening for the Paint Creek-Four Mile Bridge Replacement which only received one bid. The bid was from Brumbaugh and was for $416,000 for the design and build of the project.

Commissioners also approved travel request from 16 county employees.

Preble County Commissioners meet every Monday and Wednesday at 9 a.m. at the Preble County Courthouse.

By Austin Schmidt

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