Commissioners receive Aug. financial, JFS report


EATON — The Preble County Commissioners conducted several meetings with county department heads during meetings on Monday, Sept 28 and Wednesday, Sept. 30, including a monthly meeting with Auditor Lavon Wright.

Wright updated the commissioners on current county funding and reviewed the August 2015 expense report.

According to Wright, during the month of August, General Fund receipts totaled $1,686,372.41, 16.21 percent more than expected.

Sales tax revenue for August totaled $474,650.13 from June 2015 sales. Real Estate Settlement was $933,240.44, Local Government Fund was at $31,167.16, Charges for Services $200,866.08, Interest at $12,682, Fines and Forfeitures at $2,830.93 and other receipts at $30,935.19.

The 1-mill conveyance receipts totaled $7,719.70.

In August, General Fund disbursements total $733,080.82, some 17.78 percent below the estimate for the month.

Salaries, P.E.R.S. and Medicare disbursements for August were $368.282.72, health insurance premiums were billed and paid in the amount of $78,661.10.

Transfers for the month included $13,902.60 to GIS and $3,369 to the Ag Society bond retirement. Department expenditures were $184,490.57 and included supplies, equipment, charges for services, gasoline and travel, advertising and other expenses.

The General Fund began 2015 with a cash balance of $3,720,415.66 and ended the month of August with $4,141,007.79.

Becky Sorrell and Jeff Centers from Job and Family Services met with commissioners to provide their monthly update.

According to Sorrell the unemployment rate in Preble County is currently four percent. Sorrell also reported 64 people receiving cash assistance from the county and 4,662 receiving food assistance.

Sorrell informed commissioners most of the individuals receiving food assistance are currently working but do not make enough money to be off assistance.

In other business:

• Commissioners accepted the resignation of Nancy Mahoney from Job and Family Services

• Commissioners authorized a $3,008.25 payment for Workforce Development.

• Commissioners approved a resolution for a supplemental appropriations for Children Services for $8,500.

• Commissioners authorized the expenditure of $4,463.28 for a new copier for the Victim Witness department.

• Commissioners authorized the expenditure of $2,566 for cameras at Job and Family Services.

• Commissioners authorized the expenditure of $68,000 for a 2012 CAT backhoe loader at the landfill.

• Commissioners authorized the expenditure of $7,900 for ICE Ban for the county engineer.

Preble County Commissioners meet every Monday and Wednesday, at 9 a.m. at the Preble County Courthouse.

By Austin Schmidt

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