Ed Leas Fall Classic held at ECC


EATON — The Ed Leas Fall Classic had a change of pace this season.

Fort St. Clair was temporarily closed due to tree removal and the meet had a change of scenery when it moved to the Eaton Country Club instead.

“It is very simple: without the generosity and understanding of the Eaton Country Club we would have been forced to cancel both meets last week,” said Eaton head coach Randy McKinney. “We are greatly appreciative and indebted to the club for their willingness to help us out last week.”

The golf course was 172 meters shorter than a normal cross country race, and the flat and well-groomed surface of the course made it that much faster.

“When you run on that type of surface at this point in the season the results are going to be fast,” said McKinney.

All four area cross country teams ran in the meet – along with 26 other schools – with Eaton boys taking first overall. The Eagle’s Seth Gard was first overall with a time of 15:18.45.

National Trail was eighth overall, Twin Valley South was 13 and Tri-County North was 14.

On the girls end, South’s Madison Wright finished second overall, setting a school record with a run of 18:17.84. The Eaton girls were the highest finishers in the county, placing fourth overall on the day.

North was the only other girls unit in the county able to compete as a team, placing ninth overall. Trail girls did not participate in the event.

Eaton will host the SWBL championship meet on Saturday, Oct. 17 starting at 9:30 a.m.

The Cross County Conference championship will be held the same day at National Trail High School, beginning at 9 a.m.

The results are as follows (only top five included):

For boys –

Eaton: Gard (1, 15:18.45), Wyatt Cox (6, 16:26.36), Ben Bassler (10, 16:38.15), Cole Bulach (14, 16:46.43), Tanner Titkemeyer (18, 16:56.80).

Trail: Josh Bishop (29, 17:17.72), Mickie Utley (45, 17:55.54), Nicolas Wellman (63, 18:38.39), Ian Miller (64, 18:39.64), Austin Green (67, 18:43.19).

South: Matt Hemmelgarn (26, 17:15.06), Brendon Gallaher (35, 17:37.25), Brandan Wright (39, 17:42.87), Chris French (113, 20:26), Curtis Hittle (147, 23:07.29).

North: Aidan Tomlin (17, 16:53.20), Bailey Hilt (66, 18:42.85), Patrick Timmons (87, 19:19.43), Tristan Singleton (88, 19:21.64), Trenton Napier (105, 20:04.52).

For girls –

Eaton: Sasha Taxter (8, 19:35.54), Katie Bassler (15, 20:08.53), Lauren Muncy (18, 20:31.44), Brooke Caplinger (25, 21:11.22), Destiny Brubaker (46, 22:15.55).

North: Lauren Koenig (45, 22:11.01), Lise Jorgensen (57, 23:09.17), Taylor Cooper (65, 23:28.95), Krislynn Hogan (73, 24:09.08), Lindsay Owens (104, 27:29.69).

South: Wright (2, 18.17.84), Megan Wright (9, 19:37.32), Grace Stewart (35, 21:29.45)

Seth Gard from Eaton finishes the race strong, clocking a time of 15:18.45 during the Ed Leas Fall Classic held at Eaton Country Club on Saturday, Oct. 10.
http://aimmedianetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/41/2015/10/web1_CC.jpgSeth Gard from Eaton finishes the race strong, clocking a time of 15:18.45 during the Ed Leas Fall Classic held at Eaton Country Club on Saturday, Oct. 10. Jeremy Erskine | The Register-Herald

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