Some things you can not get from Google



We moved to Preble County 15 years ago from Springboro. My son was three years old and we didn’t know anyone in the area. We found the library in West Elkton and the staff made us feel so welcome.

They spent a lot of time informing us on what they had to offer for kids his age. Story time and the reading contests were his favorite! The librarians made it fun for the kids – he made many friends at the library. They helped us get to know and love our community and his love for books! Once we started going, he wanted to go all the time to hear a story and visit his friends! (You can never get that from Google.)

Thank you for providing us with a welcome we will never forget.

There was another turning point in my life that I needed the library desperately. I was devastated when the doctor told me my mother had Alzheimer’s. I Googled and read about many problems with this disease but I needed more information. I went to the library and explained what I was looking for, what I’ve already found on the internet. First thing she did was give me a hug (you can’t get that from Google.)

She knew exactly what would help me in researching this terrible disease. The personal touch and assistance I got from the library was a “life line” for me! I was so grateful for the library’s help with two (among many) important issues I’ve had to encounter. The librarians are so willing to help with book reports, internet access, and locating the recent book by my favorite author — and a hug if you need it! Please vote yes on Issue 27 – we can’t let our library go, we need that personal touch they offer us.

Some things you can’t get from Google.

The Sheppard Family

West Elkton

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