Ballot set for Nov. 3


PREBLE COUNTY — Questions and issues which will appear on next Tuesday, Nov. 3 ballot include:


State Issue 1: Creates a bipartisan, public process for drawing legislative districts

State Issue 2: Anti-monopoly amendment; protects the initiative process from being used for personal economic benefit

State Issue 3: Grants a monopoly for the commercial production and sale of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes



Issue 4 – Road Maintenance, 1 mill, renewal, five years

Issue 5 – Cemetery Stone Restoration, 0.5 mill, additional, five years

Lanier Township

Issue 6 – Cemetery Maintenance, 1 mill, renewal, five years

Monroe Township

Issue 7 – Fire Protection, 0.6 mill, additional 5 years

Twin Township

Issue 8 – Cemetery Maintenance, 0.5 mill, replacement, five years

Washington Township

Issue 9 – Fire Protection, 0.5 mill, renewal, five years

Issue 10 – Fire Protection, 1 mill, renewal, five years

Issue 11- Emergency Medical Services, 1 mill, additional, five years


College Corner Local Schools

Issue 12 – Providing Funds for Improvements, 6.5 mills, renewal, five years

Twin Valley Community Local Schools

Issue 13 – Current Operating Expenses, 9 mills, renewal, five years

Issue 14 – Emergency Requirements, 2.6 mills, renewal, five years


Gasper 1

Issue 15 – Local Liquor Option-Farmers Market, C-l & C-2

Issue 16 – Local Liquor Option-Farmers Market, D-6 (Sunday Sales)

Gasper 2 & 3

Issue 17 – Police Protection, 1.3 mills, renewal, two years


College Corner

Issue 18 – Fire Protection, 5.2 mills, renewal, five years


Issue 19 – Current Operating Expenses, 1.2 mills, renewal, five years

Issue 20 – Marion Lawrence Library, Current Expenses, 1 mill, additional, five years


Issue 21- Brown Memorial Library, Current Expenses, 1 mill, renewal, five years

Issue 22 – Income Tax, 0.25 percent Increase, 1.5 percent to 1.75 percent, continuing period of time

New Paris:

Issue 23 – Current Operating Expenses, 2 mills, renewal five years


Issue 24 – Current Operating Expenses, 1.9 mills, renewal, four years

Issue 25 – Current Operating Expenses, 2 mills, renewal four years

West Manchester

Issue 26 – Current Operating Expenses, 3.6 mills, renewal, five years

Preble County

District Library:

Issue 27 – Current Expenses, 1 mill, renewal, five years

Job & Family Services

Issue 28 – Children Services Division, 0.6 mill, replacement, four years

Candidates who will appear on the upcoming election ballot include:

Preble County

Judge of the Eaton Municipal Court: Paul D. Henry

City of Eaton

Council: Craig Moormeier, Joseph E. Renner

Village of Camden

Mayor: Dan Michael, Lisa Moss

Council: Judy Michael, Ernest Crabtree, (Write-in)

Village of College Corner

Mayor: James R. Jackson,

Board of Public Affairs: Andrew C. Murray

Village of Eldorado

Mayor: Tiana R. White,

Clerk/Treasurer: Karen Hunt

Council: Robert Cook, Barry L. Martindale

Village of Gratis

Mayor: Frank E. Davis, III, John David Johnston

Council: Corey A. Blankenship, Cindy Hoffman, Benjamin Roles, Donna Waller,

Village of Lewisburg

Mayor: Patrick W. Putnam

Council: Marsha K. Jones, Mark R. Madigan

Village of New Paris

Mayor: Rick VanWinkle

Council: Ralph E. Dungan, Katherine Smallwood

Village of Verona

Mayor: Mary Myers

Village of West Alexandria

Mayor: Brandon Michael Davidson, Carol L. Lunsford

Clerk/Treasurer: Judith Myers-Corn

Council: Jerry K. Carter, III, Ray Waldeck

Village of West Elkton

Mayor: Bill Crawford

Council: Richard R. Kirby, III, Gary Thompson,

Village of West Manchester

Mayor: Gary M. Hurley, II



Fiscal Officer: Beth E. Fornshell

Trustee: Steven D. Orr


Fiscal Officer: Anitra Roell

Trustee: Eric White


Fiscal Officer: Michael L. Campbell, Jr., Gina M. Schneider,Venida Thompson,

Trustee: Richard Bair, Victor Stamper


Fiscal Officer: Lorrie E. Ullery

Trustee: Larry C. Adkins, Joe Conley, Steven L. Oswalt


Fiscal Officer: Rita M. Kimball, John 5. Wright

Trustee: Robert Black, Frank Keeler, Stephen L. Pierson

Trustee (Unexpired Term Dec. 31, 2017): Matt Nixon, Donald E. White, Jr


Fiscal Officer: Kimberly J. Dees

Trustee: Michael G. Hans


Fiscal Officer: Linda Jo Moore, David Wesler,

Trustee: Richard A. Spahr


Fiscal Officer: Mark Mcintire

Trustee: Clarence Eby, Jeff D. Hickey, Jason McQueen


Fiscal Officer: Mary Ann Fark,

Trustee: Lloyd Lee


Fiscal Officer: Kelda 5. Bittinger, George W. Corrington

Trustee: William A. McQuiston, Steve Pheanis, Earl Stanley


Fiscal Officer: Kay Johnson

Trustee: Terry Creech


Fiscal Officer: Charles H. Christman

Trustee: James A. Ferriell

School Boards

Preble County Educational Service Center

Kevin A. Johnston, Rhonda Schaar, Carrie M. Steele

Eaton Community School District

Terry V. Parks, Brian Pool

College Corner Local School District

Michael S. McDonough, John Seibert

National Trail Local School District

Andrew D. Blevins, Greg M. McWhinney

Preble Shawnee Local School District

Gary A. Rader, Jeff D. Wood, Dennis W. Gamble (Write-In)

Unexpired Term Dec. 31, 2017: Emily J. Hamblin

Tri-County North Local School District

Rodney Schaar, Larry D. Seibel, David W. Tomlin, Vickie Woodyard

Twin Valley Community Local School District

Tim Beneke, James L. Pemberton

By Eddie Mowen Jr.

[email protected]

Reach Eddie Mowen Jr. 937-683-4056 or on Twitter @emowen_RH.

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