Public Records


Marriage applications filed in Preble County from Thursday, Nov. 12 to Wednesday, Dec. 2

Justin Scot Haemmerle, 39, of Somerville and Melissa Ann Adcock, 39, of Somerville.

Sinan Islamovski, 59, of Eaton and Angela A. Turpin, 49, of Eaton.

Jonathon Allan Martin, 34, of Eaton and Alice Marie Staarmann, 37, of Eaton.

Gary Leonard Britton, 66, of Eaton and Robert Shane Cornett, 52, of Eaton.

Real-Estate transfers filed in Preble County from Wednesday, Nov. 11 to Wednesday, Dec. 2

Robert Lee Bradley Jr., Veronda K. Bradley, Micheal D. Grubb, Sherrie Loraine Neal and Sherrie Grubb to Ronald Eugene Eley Jr. and Heather Eley, lot 549 in Camden.

Lindsey Douglas successor trustee, Lindsey Darrell Trust and Darrell Lindsey Trust to Ronald A. Todd and Judith L. Hulett, 10.4 acres in Harrison Township.

Glenn P. Lovely and Tina R. Lovely to Adam R. Greene, 10 acres in Twin Township.

Sherly Ann Carroll to Deborah K. Garland EXECUTOR, Donald B. Morrow and Sheryl L. Morrow, lot 2735 in Eaton.

Ronald L. Baker and Pam E. Baker to Michael P. Scanland and Ann J. Scanland, 4.669 acres in Harrison Township.

Dennis Roberts Executor and Thelma C. Unger to Michael T. Webster, Rosemary Webster, Matthew T. Webster and Patricia L. Webster, 110.506 and 46.559 acres in Harrison Township.

Thomas Eugene Clark and Vivian Gail Clark to Justin F. Fenton, 2.935 acres in Lanier Township.

Margaret Burden and Shirley Epps to Timothy S. Petry, lot 92 in New Paris.

Les W. Wise and Mary E. Wise to Gary E. Barnes and Tammy L. Barnes, 1.29 acres in Jackson Township.

Toni Jo McCoart to Rebecca Difursicio, lot 386 in Camden.

Jack C. Andrew successor trustee, Robert E. Andrews Trust, and Robert E. Andrews Trust, lot 31 and 32 in Woodsdale.

William S. Smith Sr. and Ann E. Smith to Big Cave Run Horse Farm LTD, 41.434 acres in Somers Township.

Kenneth Hammond and Patty Hammond to Finance Selene LP, 1.459 acres in Gratis Township.

David L. Deal to Donald E. Stuart and Sarah G. Stuart, part of lots 117, 52 and 53 in Verona.

Julianna B. Shaffer Executor and Marcella S. Hager to Norman K. Vance and Wilma J. Vance, lot 2183 in Eaton.

Gerald T.Long to Deborah S. Reynolds 2.885 acres in Gratis Township.


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