Gratis moves forward with EMS unit purchase


GRATIS — Gratis Village Council approved the purchase of a new EMS unit during a regular council meeting on Thursday, Dec. 17.

The vehicle will be paid for with a lease agreement requiring the payment of $26,000 a year for the next six years, for a total of $143,000.

Payments will be due in October and according to Gratis EMS Chief Joan Vance the vehicle will be available for purchase for a small fee after the lease agreement is over.

The agreement comes with a 3.19 percent interest rate according to Vance, and the village will have 14 days before the purchase becomes official.

Council also approved the 2016 contract between the Gratis Fire Department and the Gratis Township Trustees.

The department will receive $22,000 twice a year from the township, according to the contract. One minor change to the contract will prevent those under the age of 21 from driving vehicles. The previous age limit was 18.

The total budget for the department in 2016 will be $58,000 with the village adding $14,000.

The village also adjusted the 2015 estimated budget appropriations as approved by the Preble County Budgetary Commission after receiving more money than originally expected in 2015.

In total, $94,533.32 was added the budget. The largest addition was to the general fund, with a total of $53,094.60 added. Sewer and Water brought in $13,989.97 and the Fire and EMS had more than $18,000 added to the appropriations combined.

The village also entered into a contract with Gary Wagner for $15,000 in 2016 for the testing of the town’s water and sewer.

The village received $1,155 from the Mayor’s Court with the state receiving $375 and Eaton receiving $15 for a total of $1,545.

Gratis Village Council meets the first and third Thursdays of every month at 7 p.m. at the village offices.

By Austin Schmidt

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