State supports community improvement projects; West Elkton to benefit


COLUMBUS — Thirty-four communities across Ohio will receive grants to revitalize neighborhoods and downtown business districts. The grants will improve streets, sidewalks, bridges, public facilities and infrastructure as well as rehabilitate buildings in a community’s Central Business District. The Ohio Development Services Agency awarded grants totaling more than $9 million through the Community Development Critical Infrastructure, Downtown Revitalization and Neighborhood Revitalization Competitive Set-Aside programs.

“Communities with strong business districts and neighborhoods are better positioned for growth,” said David Goodman, director of the Ohio Development Services Agency.

Among the awards for cities and counties was a Neighborhood Revitalization grant for Preble County.

Preble County received a $300,000 NR grant to provide infrastructure improvements in the Village of West Elkton. The project will improve 3,600 linear feet of road, 1,725 linear feet of curb, one bridge, seven curb cuts, 1,450 linear feet of sidewalk, 1,165 linear feet of storm sewer, 1,000 linear feet of drainage ditch, and 15 catch basins. The project will also install one fire hydrant, five manholes, and make improvements to the park. The project will benefit 167 people.

R-H Staff

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