Preble County Public Records


Marriage Applications filed in Preble County from Wednesday, Dec. 30 to Wednesday, Jan. 6:

Zachary Luke Haddix, 21, of Gratis and Olivia Rachel Rhodus, 18, of Eaton.

Donald Allen Neace, 21, of Eaton and Sydney Donohoe Steele, 19, of Camden.

Christopher Lee Richardson, 34, of Eaton and Jaime Leigh Grubb, 25, of Eaton.

Real Estate Transfers filed in Preble County from Saturday, Dec. 16 to Thursday, Dec. 28:

John D. Wysong to Rhonda Hockman, lots 401 and 402 in Lewisburg.

Eric E. Merit to Diana K. Cantrell, lot 437 in West Alexandria.

Lindbergh Bingham Jr., and Melissa Leigh Grubbs to Clarence Jennings and Patricia A. Jennings, 1.719 acres in Lanier Township.

JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to PMC LLC, lot 2646 in Eaton.

Terry L. Spencer to Thomas E. Flory, lot 10 in Parks.

Donna E. Mize to Kelly R. Heckler, .33 acres in Washington Township.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, Felty and Lembright CO LPA and Felty & Lembright CO LPA, lot 752 in Eaton.

Midfirst Bank to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, lots 663 and 664, part of lots 665 and 662 in Eaton.

Roger Frieszell to Stanley R. Jennings, .534 acres in Lanier Township.

Carl E. Williams, Carla Wall, and Carla J. Wall to Anthony T. Williams and Debra L. Williams, 1.972 acres in Lanier Township.

Linda J. Kinghorn, Linda J. Hawkin to Kim M. Rose, 9.031 acres in Washington Township.

Charles R. Lodge and Ann F. Lodge to Michael L. Broermann Co Trusteee, Lisa J. Broermann Co Trustee and Broermann Family REVOCABLE Trust, 25.160 acres in Dixon Township.

Christopher D. Wooton and Connie S. Wooton to Somerville National Bank, lot 315 in Camden.

Michelle M. Aten EXECUTRIX and Marvin E. Gilley to Elisabeth D Long, lots 198 and 199 in West Manchester.

Wesley I. Stiver to Janice L. Stiver to Cary D. Barbain, lots 493 and 494 in Lewisburg.

James David Dudas to William G. Sterling, lot 184 and 185 in Eaton.

Edith H. Todd and Edith J. Todd to Douglas L. Hamilton 1.506 acres in Israel Township.

Marilyn S. Steinhauser Trustee, Cy French SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE, Aaron French SUCCESSOR TRUSTEE and STEINHUASE REVOCABLE living Trust to Douglas D. Smith and Toni Smith, lot 434 in Eaton.

Michael W. Kinzie and Wanda J. Kinzie to Venus Storage LLC, part of outlets 181, 29 and 1506 and lots 696, 697 and 698 in Eaton.

Lisa R. Terry Co Trustee, Earl H. Stewart Jr. CO Trustee and Steward Family Living Trust, lot 745 in Eaton.

Kenneth L. Fitzwater to Alex M. Gudorf, lot 1 SPEARS.

Craig A. Hewitt DDS LLC and Craig A. Hewitt DDS LLC to Big Smiles LLC, Condominium PR Cross Condo.

Janet J. Crelin to Janet J. Crelin and Rebecca Jane Kisling , lot 1817 in Eaton.

James F. Lawson and James Floyd Lawson to Heather Joy Banks, 7.498 acres in Gratis Township.

Stephen M. Fort and Barbara K. Fort to Justin A. Hall, 28.543 acres in Jefferson Township.

Hake Brothers Construction LCC to Susan Ackerman, lot 3225 in Eaton.

Greenville Federal to Saditen K. Islamovsky, lot 1809 in Lakengren 16.

Jeremiah D. Conway and Dayan M. Conway to Brian K. Dillow and Diana I. Dillow, part of lot 1 in Urton.

Christopher Brooks to Larry S. Faulkner, lot 18 in Woodsdale.

Karl W. Edwards and Karla J. Edwards to Thomas McCreadie, Thomas Mc Creadie, Julie McCreadie and Julie Mc Cready, 25.647 acres in Gratis Township.

Patrick L. Taylor and Constance Taylor to Nancy M. Jackson and Jonathan S. Jackson, lot 836 and 837 in Eaton.


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