Camden Archives thanks contributors


The Eleanor I. Jones Archives, commonly called “Camden Archives”, would like to thank the following persons for purchasing items, making donations and contributions to the archives in 2015:

Harvey Weherley, Linda Paxton, Janice and Steve Blevins, Scott Blevins, Don and Helen Steele Whitesell, Rita Dill, Janet Miller, Donna Taylor Pugh, Cherry and Curtis Anderson, Yolonda Hoover Murphy, Alice Ballinger, Susan Newkirk, Yvonne Shuler, Marilyn Gross, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Snively, Thomas Coffey, Carolyn Rodeffer, James Clark, Barbara Lipscomb Harter, Laura Schaeffer, Darrell Carroll, Mildred Steele, Donna O’Dell, Peggy Christian, Martha McGill, and JoAnn Campbell Jones.

The Archives is also in need of a 1999, 2012 and 2013 Preble Shawnee yearbook, The Echo, to bring the collection up-to-date. If anyone has a yearbook they are willing to part with, please contact one of our volunteers – Helen Whitesell, Cherry Anderson, Peggy Christian, Yolonda Murphy, Janice Blevins, Laura Schaeffer or Lynda George.

The Camden Archives is located in the Camden Library at 104 S. Main Street in Camden.

Camden Archive Volunteers


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