Camden Village Council continues discussion of nuisance property ordinance


CAMDEN — Camden Village Council continued its discussion on the possibility of passing a “Nuisance Property Ordinance” during a meeting on Thursday, Feb. 4.

Council member Judy Michael said the ordinance is still up for discussion at this time, and no official action was taken.

Council President Mellissa Shull said she feared passing any bill that “discourages residents from calling the police.”

She also expressed concerns that many of the ordinances were “double duty,” meaning many of the guidelines set by the ordinance were already in place through other ordinances and laws within the village.

Shull also said she was concerned because the appeals process would be conducted by the Police Department which is responsible for writing the tickets.

Shull was supported by one resident in attendance at the meeting.

Council members Kelly Doran and Toni Keesler said the ordinance is not designed to discourage people from calling the police in emergency situations, but instead was designed to be another tool for law enforcement to use against residences to which they are repeatedly called for criminal activity.

Police Chief Matt Spurlock said he felt the ordinance would be a useful tool for law enforcement and allows for warnings before fines are issued.

He also said he felt the ordinance would not discourage people from calling the police and said it would aim to address felony drug offenses. He also stated residents could be given a “clean state” every 90 days.

Spurlock also noted, one member of department would be put in charge of the appeals process for “consistent enforcement.”

Doran said he felt the ordinance would be beneficial to landlords, as landlords would be alerted to calls to the residence.

Village Administrator Nelson McKeever informed council the village’s Consumer Confidence Water Quality Report is now posted on the village’s website at The Source Water Protection Program is also posted there.

McKeever said Prograde continues to move along on South Second Street and said “curbs and sidewalks are right around the corner.”

Camden Village Council meets the first and third Thursday of every month at 7 p.m.

By Austin Schmidt

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