Simmons already has ‘insight’ into commissioners’ function



President Reagan is known for his phrase,”Well, there you go again,” but for us now it is “Here we go again.”

Yes, it is getting that time again to select the people that we would like to see perform many assorted tasks for us. Letting the people have some voice in their government started with the Magna Carta around 1215, still some people see it as no big deal.

For me, since I am now 82, pinning a “We want Willkie” button on my shirt was big stuff. When I got old enough to vote it became “I Like Ike.” I will have to admit that I have voted for some that I had never heard of and had no idea of what they stood for. Now, I can’t say that, that is true for the Preble County Commissioners’ race.

I have worked with Steve Simmons and his dad Jim on many projects at the home farm hauling equipment to installing drainage systems to excavating for buildings and at Dayton Flexible Products; I had them do various projects extending from small to large. I remember a job that I was showing Steve’s dad in front yard of D.F.P. Since the Plant Manager was picky about the front yard, I asked for him too, to see what I was planning. After all was agreed upon, Steve’s dad looked up at the terribly shredded flag. Steve’s dad, Jim, told the Plant Manager, “That disgraces your business, it disgraces our flag and it disgraces our country.” Jim taught his boys that hard work and allegiance were some of life’s most essential traits.

During one of these jobs, Steve came in my office and mentioned that he was running for county engineer. Boy, was I thrilled. After having to work with the previous engineer that spent much of his time in the commissioners’ office advising them on what, he thought, they should be doing, I was ready for a change. His ideologies and practices were not consistent with the majority of the people in the county, as well as mine. When elected as our Preble County Engineer, Steve took with him to that office those well-taught ethics — and with an education to match — as well as hands on experience.

The hard work showed up as he would successfully procure monies for Preble County jobs; his conservative traits showed up as he would have our people make components for bridges, as opposed to purchasing them.

Steve has kept our legacy of covered bridges well-maintained and even improved upon it with the addition of the beautiful one in Hueston Woods.

Recently, Steve told me of his running for the office of Preble County Commissioner. Once again I was thrilled; how lucky can a county be to have a commissioner that was the county’s engineer for about three decades? By working with the commissioners, he already has the insight into their function.

I know that Steve will take the same traits that made him a good engineer with him and will make him an even better commissioner.

I hope that you will join with me in supporting Steve Simmons for Preble County Commissioner.

Marion E. Schmidt


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