Mays supporting Simmons for commissioner



My endorsement of J. Stephen Simmons for Preble County Commissioner is concentrated in three areas that I consider of utmost importance for a commissioner.

Experience — I have known and worked with Mr. Simmons since I was elected to the West Alexandria Village Council in 2004. Mr. Simmons has been associated with Preble County for more than 25 years as the county engineer and been involved in many road, bridge and other capital improvement projects. His most recent accomplishment was the beautiful covered bridge near Hueston Woods State Park.

Integrity — Not only have I known Mr. Simmons politically, but as members of Eaton Church of The Brethren, I have had the opportunity to interact with him personally. Mr. Simmons was active on boards and committees and his integrity is above reproach.

Honesty — In the many years I have known Mr. Simmons I have never had a reason to doubt his honesty. I have never had a conversation with others that would cause me to question his unflagging dedication to the cause of right.

For these three reasons, I am proud to endorse J. Stephen Simmons for Preble County Commissioner.

David L. Mays

West Alexandria

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