Writer encourages votes for Winteregg



Two years ago, I wrote to this newspaper to outline my reasons for not voting for John Boehner in the primary election. I closed with my personal endorsement of J.D. Winteregg, who was running against Boehner at the time. As it turned out, I was right about Boehner. Not only did he turn against conservative values, but proceeded to give Obama all the money he needed for his unconstitutional activities and then stepped down as our representative. As a result of this action,we in the 8th district, have been without representation in Congress since last September.

I continue to support J.D. Winteregg. I admire the courage he showed by running against Boehner. Now that Boehner is gone, we have a long list of candidates, but I wonder where they were during the last election? Did they disagree with Boehner’s policies and actions?

J.D. understands the responsibility he would have: to preserve America via adherence to the Constitution. For too long, we have voted based on the wrong criteria: does he have money? is he good looking? is he my friend? did I go to school with him? You can see that this has gotten us nowhere. Please vote for a candidate who understands the limits of federal government — vote for J.D. Winteregg!


Beth Cox


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