Writer endorsing Robertson



I would like to throw in my endorsement for Denise Robertson for county commissioner. I’ve known Denise for 7 years and she is a devoted Christian, business owner, homeschool mom, wife, grandmother and tireless community activist. She has shown that she can and will hold elected officials accountable to her and to their budgets. Denise takes very seriously the fact that she works for the citizens of Preble County and that the government uses our hard-earned taxpayer dollars. She does not want to spend our money frivolously, but only after careful consideration.

This month, I have paid federal income tax, state income tax, county tax, city tax, landfill assessment fee, car tax, school district tax, school district income tax, business licensing fees and sales tax. Needless to say, I am not enthusiastic about paying more taxes, especially if they are not really needed. I appreciate a commissioner who makes the county prove it needs the money, before raising taxes or putting levies on the ballot.

I hope you will join with me to vote for a true conservative: re-elect Denise Robertson!

Pete Cox


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