Ballot set for March 15


PREBLE COUNTY — Voters going to the polls on Tuesday, March 15, will see a ballot chock-full of candidates for various races, from the manifold race for the presidential nominations, to a just-as-large field of candidates seeking the 8th District Congressional seat held for years by John Boehner.

The Presidential Primary candidate list, despite some having dropped out of the race, will include:

Hillary Clinton (D)

Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente (D)

Bernie Sanders (D)

Jeb Bush (R)

Ben Carson (R)

Chris Christie (R)

Ted Cruz (R)

Carly Fiorina (R)

Mike Huckabee (R)

John R. Kasich (R)

Rand Paul (R)

Marco Rubio (R)

Rick Santorum (R)

Donald J. Trump (R)

For U.S. Senator, the ballot will include:

Kelli Prather (D)

P.G. Sittenfeld (D)

Ted Strickland (D)

Don Elijah Eckhart (R)

Rob Portman (R)

Joseph R. DeMare (G)

For Representative to Congress (8th District) unexpired and full term:

Corey Foister (D)

James J. Condit, Jr. (G)

Matthew Ashworth (R)

Bill Beagle (R)

Warren Davidson (R)

Timothy S. Derickson (R)

Scott George (R)

Eric J. Haemmerle (R)

Terri King (R)

Joseph Matvey (R)

Edward R. Meer (R)

John W. Robbins (R)

Michael Smith (R)

Jim Spurlino (R)

Kevin F. White (R)

J.D. Winteregg (R)

George S. Wooley (R)

For Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (1-1-2017): Maureen O’Connor (R)

For Justice of the Supreme Court (1-1-2017): John P. O’Donnell (D), Pat Fischer (R), Colleen Mary O’Toole (R)

For Justice of the Supreme Court (1-2-2017): Cynthia Rice (D), Pat DeWine (R)

For Judge of the Court of Appeals (12th District) (2-9-2017): Robin N. Piper (R)

For Judge of the Court of Appeals (12th District) (2-10-2017): Mike Powell (R)

For Member of State Central Committee, Man, (5th District): Doug Cook (R)

For Member of State Central Committee, Women (5th District): Stephanie Garrett (R), Ellen Horton (R)

For State Representative (43rd District): David B. Sparks (D), Jeff Rezabek (R)

For County Commissioner (1-2-2017): Christopher M. Day (R), Eric J. Green (R), Tony Pope (R), Eric White (R)

For County Commissioner (1-3-2017): Denise R. Robertson (R), J. Stephen Simmons (R)

For Prosecuting Attorney: Martin P. Votel (R)

For Clerk of the Court of Common Pleas: Christopher B. Washington (R)

For Sheriff: Michael L. Simpson (R)

For County Recorder: Jeanne Creech (R)

For County Treasurer: Brenda K. White (R)

For County Engineer: R. Kyle Cross (R)

For Coroner: Mark S. Vosler (R)

For Member of State Central Committee (3rd District): Timothy Michael Bruce (G), Logan P. Martinez (G)

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