PC instructors attend OHTEIA


REYNOLDSBURG — Preble County Hunter Education instructors Jorene Burgess, Richard Francis, and H.K. Steiner attended the Ohio Hunters & Trappers Education Instructors Association annual meeting on Saturday, Feb. 27 at the Tall Timbers Banquet Hall in Reynoldsburg.

The keynote speaker was Craig Hicks from the USDA and is a Wildlife Disease Biologist. He gave an overview on the increase in the feral hog population in Ohio. Feral hogs pose a threat by the damage done to agricultural crops, farm property and to the habitat along with the 30 diseases and parasites that may affect humans, pets, livestock, and wildlife.

Hicks also explained what the tell-tale signs of feral hogs were and how to report sightings, signs, and damage to officials. The goal in Ohio is to eliminate feral swin.

DOW officals spoke on the program to retain hunters.

R-H Staff

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