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EATON — Eaton donors will hold the key to saving lives at the Omicron Sigma Sorority community blood drive Thursday, March 31, from 1 p.m.-7 p.m. in the Church of the Brethren social hall, 813 Camden Road, Eaton. Everyone who registers to donate will receive a key chain etched with the Community Blood Center blood drop log. Donors are encouraged to schedule an appointment online at or call 1-800-388-GIVE.

The chrome key chain features the CBC logo on a diamond-shaped fob with a braided key loop. The “Key to Saving Lives” key chain is free to anyone who registers to donate March 21 through April 30 at a CBC Donor Center and most CBC mobile blood drives.

Easter season is an important time to donate

The Easter holiday season can be a challenging time for maintaining the blood supply. Many high schools are on Easter break and families are often traveling. Spring is also a time when severe weather and seasonal illnesses can interfere with donating.

In addition, CBC is taking cautions against the Zika virus. Potential donors who have traveled to Zika endemic areas in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central or South America are deferred from donating for 28 days. The restriction is expected to decrease the number of eligible donors by approximately 2.25 percent.

CBC encourages eligible donors to help offset this loss by making an appointment to donate. Type O whole blood donors and type AB platelet and plasma donors are especially encouraged to donate when able.

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