State offering free radon kits


EATON — The Ohio Department of Health, in partnership with the Regional Air Pollution Control Agency and local health departments, is offering free radon test kits for Miami Valley homeowners to check their homes for elevated radon levels. Radon is a colorless odorless soil gas that can build up in homes and may increase the risk of lung cancer for occupants. The Ohio Department of Health estimates about half of Ohio families live in homes with elevated radon levels.

Last year, over 400 Miami Valley residents tested their homes for radon with free test kits provided by Ohio Department of Health. Testing is the only way to know if elevated levels exist in a home, so the Ohio Department of Health recommends all homes be tested, regardless of age, location, or construction type. Elevated indoor radon levels can be corrected with the installation of a ventilation system to direct the gas outdoors.

Homeowners interested in reducing their family’s lung cancer risk can obtain a voucher for a free kit at Preble County Public Health during regular business hours.

More radon information is available by visiting,, or

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