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LEWISBURG — Sunshine, sunshine! Isn’t it great? We can handle frost in the early morning, even a few snowflakes but in the afternoon, bring on the sun! Don’t get the tees and shorts out but check that closet and plan for the very near future. We are preparing our seeds to plant for the garden. Judy has had my hands tied back but now all systems are go!

Upcoming events

April 5 — Euchre. Lewisburg. Trinity Lutheran Church. Play this famous card game from 9 a.m. – noon. Coffee and snacks are provided.

April 6 — Neighbor Night. Lewisburg. Trinity Lutheran Church. Meals served from 5-6:30 p.m. St. John Lutheran Church from Ingomar served the meal this past week. Wonderful sloppy joes and the biggest hot dogs that have been seen around here. Services begin at 6:30 p.m. and are finished by 7:00 p.m. Come and join our group.

April 7 — Euchre. Lewisburg Trinity Church. Play this famous card game every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 a.m.–noon. Coffee and snacks are provided.

April 8-9 — Preble County EXPO at the fairgrounds in Eaton. Visit the Lewisburg booth!

April 16 — Friendship Tea. 2 p.m. Hosted by Sharon Justis and held at the Lewisburg First United Church of Christ located at 400 North Main Street. This year’s them is “Friendship.” Sharon asks that everyone attending bring an item a friend has given them, along with a hat, teacup and a finger food to share. More details to come.

April 26 — Young At Heart. Meet at Lewisburg Trinity Lutheran Church at 11:30 a.m. to carpool to the Senior Citizen Center located in Eaton. The group will be eating at the “Decades Diner” at noon. Lunch will be on your own. The speaker is Charlotte Burrows.

May 7 — Eric Loy will be appearing in Lewisburg. Details to come.

Lewisburg Area Alumni Association 2016 scholarship

A scholarship is being offered to technical and undergraduate students who have completed their first year of study. To be considered for this Alumni Scholarship, a student must meet the following criteria:

• Must be a graduate of Tri-County North in 2015 or before.

• Must be enrolled as a full-time returning student at a college or accredited technical school, as a sophomore or above seeking a Bachelor or Associate Degree in the scholarship year of 2016-2017.

• Must show current participation in school and/or community activities.

• Must have financial need.

• Must submit two or three dated letters of recommendation written during the current school year (2015 – 2016).

• This year’s scholarship will be presented at the annual Lewisburg Area Alumni Banquet, Saturday, June 11. Pick up an application which must be returned to the Alumni Association postmarked no later than Saturday, May 14, to be eligible for consideration.

Bicentennial 2018

Disagreements in politics are nothing new. In the Presidential campaign of 1840, Lewisburg was visited by General William Henry Harrison and his traveling companion, Reverend Arthur Elliott. They arrived on the still-unfinished National Road. The General had stopped in Lewisburg occasionally during the War of 1812 and many locals had fought under him. After a big parade, General Harrison made a few remarks to the crowd from a long platform decorated with coon skins and jugs of hard cider. The Reverend Elliott resumed the speech which was so full of “fire and brimstone” against Martin Van Buren that Van Buren’s supporters built a platform of their own to make a rebuttal from the top of a cracker barrel. The General and the Reverend left for West Alexandria. Will history repeat itself?

March Birthdays

April 3 — Clint Baughman

April 5 — Delaney Shively

April 6 — Alexa Harris


Cheryl Scheiding reported that her beautiful granddaughter, Evaleena Ann, is progressing each day. Evaleena Ann came a little early on March 13, but has made her place in lots of hearts. Cheryl and parents Kevin and Marilyn Scheiding want to thank everyone who has continued to pray for this little preemie. Grandpa Jeff hasn’t stopped smiling about his “little” girl.

Judy and Janet, What are you doing?

March Madness is killing us! So many teams, so many games, so little time and so little sleep! Our favorites are losing and the winners are becoming our new best friends. Our bracket is so broken that we don’t even want to admit that we filled one out.

After being towed two weeks ago to have a belt that makes “something” work, we drove into town with a “horrible, screeching sound that forced us to drag our feet to stop the car (Flintstone style). That’s right! We had to have NEW brakes. Now the belt turns whatever it is supposed to turn, the car stops when it needs to but we have now developed a shimmy that would make cream turn to butter. What next? Soon, we will have a brand new 2005 car.

The best part of being in town during the week is reconnecting with our old friends who have passed through our lives. Betty Kosier stopped by and reminded me of my 4-H years when she judged our projects and calmed my nerves when being evaluated. What a joy to see her! Family memories are so special especially when connected to family life points. Births, marriages and even death. Our friends have carried us through many highs and lows. We want to thank all of you who make our day!

Our lives have become so boring. We land on the couch, fall asleep only to wake up after the news. It seems like a perfect time to catch up on our soap operas and daytime shows. This past week, we turned on the recorded soap opera only to be scared stupid by the story’s happenings. We ended up eating a bag of chips, found a diet cola, ate some peanut butter cups. Real big problem! We couldn’t fall asleep and watch the night time news for insomniacs. That is about as exciting as our week became.

During a recent thunderstorm in Lewisburg, all the lights went dark. Most of the time, work stops. But not at our local beauty shop, where shampoos were done by flashlight and hair styling was done on the sidewalk to capture the daylight. Work must go on!

In closing

“Success is a ladder. It can’t be climbed with your hands in your pockets.” (Anonymous) Looking around the village, it is easy to see that success is on every corner. Remember, “There is spirit; there is grace in our peaceful country place.”

Until next week…

With Janet & Judy

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