Scammers posing as sheriff deputies


BUTLER COUNTY — Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones reports that scammers are calling people by phone posing as sheriff deputies. They are calling victims and giving names and badge numbers and advising the victims that they missed a court appearance. The scammers are then advising the victims to respond to a Kroger and place the money on a “Re Charge” Card. The victim is then asked to read off the serial number to the card via phone. The victim is then instructed to respond to the BCSO to turn the card in to authorities.

Scamming is nothing new, and there is always someone trying to prey on people through fear of consequence unless the victim complies. “We never ask people for money to get out of trouble and we certainly never ask information by phone. No one should ever provide information by phone unless they are absolutely certain who they are talking to on the other end of the line. These criminals will say anything to scare people into doing what they want,” said Todd Langmeyer, BC Lieutenant of Investigations.

Jones is encouraging everyone to pay attention to these types of calls and not do what the criminals are asking. “This is a crime that will continue as long as one person becomes a victim to their demands. These criminals have a very well thought-out plan, and they are obviously not afraid to pretend like law enforcement. We have had people pose as relatives, police, friends, etc.; to try to get someone to wire money or use pre-paid cards. Most of the time, the scammers are in another state or country,” he said.

Jones is encouraging the public to not give information or send money when contacted to do so by phone. There is no need to report the crime to dispatch unless you have suffered a loss. The Butler County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an active investigation on the situation.

R-H Staff

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