Butler County adds text to 9-1-1


BUTLER COUNTY — Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones recently announced the capability of Text to 9-1-1 service in Butler County. Text to 9-1-1 provides an alternate method for the citizens of Butler County to reach vital emergency services. Wireless subscribers on major wireless carriers have the ability to text a message to 9-1-1 from most areas of Butler County. Texts will be retrieved by dispatchers at the Butler County Sheriff’s Office Communication Center who will notify the appropriate law enforcement, fire, or emergency medical service agency to respond.

Text to 9-1-1 provides a method for notifying emergency services when circumstances make voice to voice contact difficult such as when a caller is hard of hearing or in a situation where they fear for their safety. “This will be a great way to make contact with someone in a domestic situation or in situations where a victim is in fear of someone hearing their voice,” said the Sheriff “Call 9-1-1 in an emergency when you can,” Jones said. “Text 9-1-1 when you can’t.”

text-to-911In addition to receiving texts to 9-1-1, Dispatchers are able to send text messages in response to ‘abandoned wireless 9-1-1 calls’ – a situation where the wireless caller hangs up before reaching 9-1-1. Using the phone number provided by the 9-1-1 system, the dispatcher sends a message to the caller to determine if they have an emergency.

Wireless carriers can deliver the caller’s location when they text 9-1-1 in some situations, however, it is absolutely imperative that callers provide their location to the dispatcher when texting. Currently the BCSO Communications Center is unable to receive pictures or video via 9-1-1 text message.

Jones is providing the Text to 9-1-1 service so the people in Butler County will have even better access to public safety resources during an emergency.

By R-H Staff

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