May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month


EATON — Last Friday, Eaton Mayor Dave Kirsch issued a proclamation naming the month of May “Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month” in the city.

In the proclamation, Kirsch noted, “safety is the highest priority for the highways and streets of our villages, cities and state; and motorcycle riding is a popular form of transportation and recreation for over thousands of enthusiasts across Ohio and millions across the nation.”

It continued: “In an effort to make motorcycling in Ohio a safer and more enjoyable sport, motorcycling organizations from around the state are now planning a collective venture to promote motorcycle awareness; and all motorcycle organizations, clubs, dealerships, groups and highway safety officials in our state, should join Abate of Ohio, Inc. and the Motorcycle Ohio program, in actively promoting safe operations, increased rider training, improved licensing efforts and motorists’ awareness.

“During the month of May, all roadway users should unite to safely share the roads throughout the State of Ohio.”

Kirsch’s proclamation went on to declare the month of May 2016 Motorcycle Awareness Month in the City of Eaton, and “urge all citizens to recognize the need for undistracted attention on the part of all drivers in sharing the roads in our community.”

Kirsch’s proclamation came after receiving a letter from Abate of Ohio, Inc., Region 6.

Abate is “actively involved in educating the public regarding motorcycles and related issues. Our goal is to make all motorists aware of the presence of motorcycles and challenges they face on Ohio roadways. We encourage citizens to ‘Look twice and save a life’ at intersections and when entering the roadway from a private drive,” David M. Griffin, Abate’s Region 6 Director, wrote.

“In honor of Motorcycle Awareness month, Abate of Ohio, Inc. will hold a rally on the capitol grounds in Columbus on Saturday, April 30,” Griffin said.

By Leslie Collins

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