Reid Health investigating files discovered at former campus after fire


RICHMOND, INDIANA — An arson-related fire earlier this week on the former Reid campus has led to the discovery of paper files that pre-date Reid’s move to its new location in 2008.

A few boxes of other materials were discovered in another area when Reid Health team members, in collaboration with the fire department, did a sweep through the building after the fire.

“We have no explanation for how these items were apparently overlooked in numerous sweeps of the property after we completed moving out of the facilities eight years ago,” said Larry Price, Reid Health spokesman. “Subsequent owners of the complex apparently had not discovered these materials either as we were never notified of the existence of these materials prior to the fire. We are now in the process of reviewing what was recovered piece by piece to determine more about what it is and the extent of any files that could include personal information.”

He said Reid Health officials have already reported the matter to the state Attorney General’s office for guidance and they have offered to help in Reid Health’s investigation even as the materials are being examined in detail. Some of the old files were destroyed in the fire, but included items such as cancelled vendor checks, old invoices, canceled payroll checks and accounting records.

“Our privacy officer and legal counsel are working with the Attorney General’s office to determine any risk of identity fraud for patients or team members and what appropriate next steps will be taken,” he said. “So far, we have no reason to believe any of this information was used inappropriately, especially with the years that have passed, but we will take all the steps we can as we learn more.”

Reid Health completed its move from 1401 Chester Boulevard in September of 2008, after having sold the facility in 2006 and paying rent ahead of the move to 1100 Reid Parkway. Team members and contracted movers conducted detailed sweeps through the property over the next couple of months, even checking under furniture left behind for the new owners.

Reid Health is working with the city and the Richmond Fire Department to do another detailed sweep of the property as a result of this week’s incident.

When the original sale was announced, Whitewater Living Center, LLC, indicated immediate plans to develop the campus for a mixed use of retail, restaurant, office and residential use. The sale included leaving a fully operational laundry, kitchen and more than 3,000 furniture and equipment items aimed at helping future use and development. Ideas mentioned included senior apartments, assisted living units, student apartments or other residential uses.

When the new owners ran into challenges to their development plans, the campus was sold to Rose City Development in 2008, which became Spring Grove Development LLC in 2009. Those owners have since abandoned the property, which includes 656,632 square feet in various wings. The buildings have been vandalized and have greatly deteriorated in the years since.

By R-H Staff

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