Writer questions EPA authority



The Ohio EPA is attempting to force a $6.3 million tax on 321 homes in the Glenwood area to construct a sewer system for the area. In my opinion, this sewer system is unnecessary because the sanitation problem is not the 321 homes in question, but a few homes in Glenwood and the trailer park on Quaker Trace Road.

The U.S. Constitution states that Congress shall make all laws, not the Ohio EPA. Our Congress at the state and federal level have refused to do the job and instead have created what I consider an illegal system of non-elected bureaucrats with unchecked power to enforce laws and regulations that are illegal and unconstitutional.

I attended a meeting where the Ohio EPA stated the cost to each of the affected homeowners would be $19,626. They stated $47/month for 40 years. Forty-seven dollars a month for 40 years totals $22,560. This is what I consider government math in action. This is another example of taxation without representation. The Revolutionary War was fought because of something like this. Taxation without representation is tyranny!

You may be thinking that this situation “doesn’t affect me.” The EPA can force you on a sewer system, make a city or village sewer system make improvements, whatever the reason, and force you and I to pay for it.

Wait… there’s more.

The Ohio EPA can force you to destroy your perfectly good operating septic system, which will be at your cost. Think about this. Non-elected bureaucrats can force American citizens to destroy private property. How long are we going to take this?

Your state representative is Jeff Rezabek. Please contact his office at 614-466-2960 or at [email protected] with your concerns.

Our government is always reminding us that there are terror cells in America. I know. There is one in Columbus, Ohio, I believe — they are called the Ohio EPA.

Remember, our form of government governs by the will of the people. It is we the people, not we the government.

May God bless America.

Jerry L. Wick


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