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WEST ALEXANDRIA — The annual Rotary Honor Scholars banquet was held at Twin Valley South High School on Thursday April 21. The Rotary Honor Scholars banquet is an event coordinated by the Preble County Educational Service Center which recognizes sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are in the top 5 percent of their class.

The speaker at this year’s banquet was Heidi Bortel. Bortel founded a cycling advocacy group, Preble Trails, is a Rotarian, a Preble County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau board member, past Downtown Eaton Inc. board member, and is a program manager at the HIT Foundation in Eaton.

Bortel is a graduate of Miami University/Oxford with a B.A. in Creative Writing, and graduated from Eaton High School in 1993. She always looks forward to the next project or idea. The goal – to make her own community more awesome. The joy is in the process and the talented people she meets along the way.

In her speech, Bortel spoke about the importance of students doing volunteer work and having the courage to try new experiences. She also talked about the need to grow and be challenged, finding joy while by building layers of creative accomplishments.

The following students were recognized as Honor Scholars:

Eaton High School

Allison Collins, Jacob Hickman, John Christman, Parker Ritchie, Brittany George, Daniel Howard, Fletcher Durham, Kenzie Rutherford, Kyra Houle, Megan Lipps, Lauren Ferguson, Andrew Stringfield, Jacob Kreger, Grace Miller, Barbara-Ann Grant, Sasha Taxter, Taylor Lackey, Braden Moles, Allison Hickman, Sarah Willis, Miranda Lee, Lydia Noh, Hannah Keller, Elizabeth Madewell, Brookelynn Selby, Jordan Lewis, Jackie McCafferty, Jessica Spitler, Michael Lipps, Mackenzie Newman, Alyssa Maul, Paige Whitesell, Katelyn Niehaus, Hannah Wray, Spencer Reynolds.

National Trail High School

Alexus Acton, Branden Christensen, Kylee Aldridge, Konner Aldridge, Tyler Glander, Chloe Anderson, Olivia Gibson, Austin Green, Erika Gallaher, Suzanne Kimball, Corbin Hoblit, Charisse Hoblit, Shivani Patel, Faith King, Michelle Massa.

Preble Shawnee High School

Andrew Back, Addyson Ansbaugh, Joseph Bates, Johnathon Cottingim, Alec Hamblin, Kaitlynne Burton,Carlee Jones, Kevin Ketring, Jasmine Mabry, James Sims, Elise Walker, Kyle Williams,Joby Williams, Kassandra Wilson, David Yocom.

Tri-County North High School

Macy Dennison, Marley Judd, Olivia Baldasare, Daniel Goepferich, Jacob Louthan, Brady Bateman, Aidan Tomlin, Kaila McGee, Ethan Cooley, Sean Tomlin, Lindsay Owens, Elizabeth Free, Taylor Tucker, Chelsea Strawser, Ashley Johnson, John Stubblefield, Lauren Koenig, Timothy Stubblefield, Jacob Offenbacker, Kyle Sykes, Jacqueline Owens, Hailey Thies, Emma Tobias, Kevin Tomlin.

Twin Valley South High School

Jacob Bassler, Andrew Augspurger, Ryan Bassler, Gabrielle Cooper, Haley Back, Hunter Bennett, Victoria Denlinger, Abby Beneke, Dylan Bowen, Jarod Utz, Emma Fergus, Audrey Chesney, Christine Kaylor, Mylan Crews, Sydney Vorhis, Rylee Emig, Madison Wright, Chyann Kendel, Megan Wright, Travis Lovely.


By R-H Staff

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