A Moment of Reflection


Senior Prom

I want to take a moment to reflect on the recent past at the Preble County Council on Aging. We had two significant events in the past couple of weeks, on May 7, we had our yearly Senior Prom. This year continued with the tradition of a successful and beautiful evening filled with fun, food and fellowship. Through our voting process we crowned our King, Lonnie Kidd and Queen Judy Blitz. If you don’t know these two, you will begin to see them more and more as they represent the Senior Center in upcoming parades and events that we have to offer through PCCOA.

Senior Day and Annual Meeting

On Tuesday May 10, we had our Senior Day and Annual Meeting Celebration. As Ashley Bowers, our In Home Services Manager stated, “From my point of view, it was the best Senior Day we have had in the four years I have been at the agency. Not only was the turnout fantastic, regardless of the sprinkles, but there was a perfect balance of information, fun, and food! I hope to see Senior Day grow over the next few years into something every Preble County senior looks forward to coming to.” If you were one of the many who participated in this event with us, thank you for joining us in this celebration. For those that didn’t make it out, we look forward to seeing you next year.

However, you don’t have to wait that long to join us in all the fun activities, delicious meals, homemaker services or transportation needs you may have. We are happy, and it is graciously our job, to serve not only the seniors of our community, but people of all ages. To learn more about all that we have to offer you and your loved ones, please give us a call at 937-456-4947, go to our website at www.prebleseniorcenter.org and for daily and weekly happenings check us out on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/preblecountycouncilonaging/.


One final bit of valuable information that I want to recollect is that we, here at the Preble County Council on Aging are the second center, out of 450 senior centers in Ohio, to receive certification from the Ohio Association of Senior Centers (OASC). Certification validates a senior center’s programs, administration, facilities, organizational operations, community involvement and ability to serve the senior population.

OASC Certification is the official recognition of professional achievement, expertise and operations success. It is a mark of excellence and demonstrates an organization’s commitment to maintaining the highest standard of practices, procedures and service delivery.

As you can see, as we stroll down memory lane, The Preble County Senior Center, it’s staff, volunteers, clientele, and board have a lot to be thankful for and proud of since our establishment in 1973. Thank you for helping to make all of this happen and we look forward to continuing to serve you as we grow through this aging process together.

By Holly Steele

For The Register-Herald

Reach Holly at the Preble County Senior Center, 937-456-4947.

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