Interested in being a ‘Host Family’ for Talawanda?



We are currently looking for families in Talawanda School District to host one of our amazing international exchange students this coming fall. Whether you are a family with little ones, teenagers, or even empty nesters, you could be a perfect family for hosting one of our incredible students! We have three brave girls coming from our sister city, Qingdao, China, coming for the 2016-2017 school year. We have found one amazing host family thus far, and are eager to find two more families to host our remaining two girls.

We are in the midst of interviewing host families that will share their homes and culture with these students. What is a host family? A family who is willing to open their homes to host one of our wonderful students for 5-10 months, someone who has room in their home and heart for another child, who wants to learn about different cultures, who is willing to teach a teenager about our culture. We still need homes in our area for the remaining two girls that are coming! Contact me today to learn more!

My name is Emily Martin, and you can reach me at 509-679-9871, or [email protected].

Or you can fill out a host family inquiry at

Here are our two girls hoping for a host family to be lined up in the next few weeks…

Mengfan is 17 and goes by Nancy. Playing the guitar is one of her favorite activities.

She also sings. Nancy enjoys swimming, tennis, writing poetry and calligraphy, and watching movies. She is independent and mature and excited to meet her new family. She says that she is a little shy, but optimistic and easy to get along with, and usually smiling. She gets along very well with her family and enjoys spending time with them. There are over 400 students in her grade in her school in Qingdao and she is excited about having a new school experience. Nancy is very involved at her school and often helps organize events. She also volunteers at a local home for the elderly. She plays chess with them and sometimes plays the guitar and sings. Nancy wants to be a translator so she canhelp people understand each other.

Yifei is 16 years old. Yifei likes to play the cello because it is so relaxing for her. She says she spends about an hour a day practicing. She adores music of all kinds. She also recently started to collect music boxes and is hoping to find something unique while in the US. She is an only child and lives with her father who helps her learn to be a better person. Yifei likes to be involved and play board games. Her dream is to have a family and be a good mother. She says “A good mother should be knowledgeable enough that she can answer the questions from her children, and she can be able to help their children when they need her.” She also would like to become a violin maker and maybe design gardens. She is happy to meet her new family.

To participate in CCI Greenheart’s academic year high school program international students must have very good English abilities, above average academic skills, and a lot of flexibility and maturity! Participants live with U.S. host families and attend public high schools, while improving their English, becoming a part of a new family, making friends and expanding their vision of the world and themselves. Approved host families provide a room (okay to share with another teen, same gender), three meals a day, and treat the student as a member of their family. Host Families are volunteers and reap the amazing rewards of having these young people in their lives.

If you cannot host this year, please let us know about another wonderful family. We are currently offering a Thank You Gift of a $100 Visa Gift Card to anyone who refers a family who becomes a family for one of our kids. So, even if this year is not the right time to host for you, you could still help one of these kids find a great home this fall!

Please contact me for further information or to recommend a great family in your community!

Emily Martin

Local Coordinator

CCI Greenheart

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